It’s obvious why Felicity Hayward was cast in the role of Anna Nicole Smith for her first modelling job two years ago: the arched brows, the mischievous smile and, sure, the massive breasts. Even the dulcet tones of her Essex voice are weirdly reminiscent of the late Hollywood starlet’s own seductive notes. Yet perhaps what lends itself most to the role is Hayward’s totally unapologetic way of holding herself. Scouted while dancing at the George and Dragon pub in Shoreditch, her journey into modelling was unplanned.

“I’m really lucky,” Hayward admits, her gratitude palpable in the warmth with which she treats everyone on set. Just don’t call her a plus-size model. “The phase is meaningless anyway, because it refers to anything from a size ten to a size twenty.”

The reduction of the female form into just ‘plus’ or 'straight’ sizes is something Hayward wants to see come to an end. It’s what gets her out of bed on those days when standing in front of the camera might feel like the most unappealing thing in the world. That, and the prospect of one day securing a long-coveted Guess campaign. 

“It was the label Anna Nicole shot for,” she says. “They’ve always promoted femininity without having to make a point of shooting 'plus-size’ girls.”