The True Goal of the Clowns: The One-Eyed King?

I was planning to write a meta about Eto’s plan to turn Kaneki into the OEK but while researching for it, I noticed something fishy going on… and, unsurprisingly, the Clowns are involved.

Before we start, there are two things I have to make clear:

1) The One-Eyed King was a half-ghoul that lived over a hundred years ago. He doesn’t exist at the moment. He’s a legend and a symbol for “revolution“.

2) It’s extremely likely that Eto is trying to turn Kaneki into the OEK ‒ basically, she’s trying to turn the legend into a reality.

  • It’s interesting to note that Ishida said that :re will be the story of a legend. → The OEK is a legend in the ghoul world. → Kaneki taking the title of the legendary OEK would result in him becoming a legend himself. It fits perfectly.
  • Also, Kaneki becoming the leader of such a revolution would fit the whole thing about :re being a fucked up comedy ‒ Kaneki, who wanted to take down Aogiri, ends up becoming the “leader“ of their revolt.
  • The title of Chapter 56 was “The Second King“. → Kaneki becomes the second OEK.
  • Eto has been testing Kaneki’s strength the whole time (his fights against Seidou and Karen) and watching his progress. She also gave him a part of her kakuja ‒ a “gift“ that will surely make him stronger. It’s like she’s making all the preparations to turn him into the King.
  • Eto is treating Kaneki as if he’s her child which makes perfect sense because in a way… Kaneki’s full kakuja form would be born after eating Eto’s one. And considering that during The Raid on Kanou’s Lab arc, she called Kaneki “The Kakuja’s Egg“, we can say that she’s the mother and he’s her “egg”.

(Here are a few interesting metas that are focused on the whole Kaneki-becoming-the-OEK thing: x ; x ; x)

And now let’s start with the main question of this meta: how are the Clowns related to the OEK?

In TG, we have four main organisations and we know the goals of three of them:

  • CCG → exterminate all ghouls
  • Aogiri Tree → (1) create a world in which ghouls can live freely ; (2) “smoke out the liars“
  • V → keep the balance between ghouls and humans
  • Clowns → ???

A lot of people will probably say that the goal of the Clowns is “to have the last laugh”, however, I don’t fully agree with that. While I do think that this is probably one of their goals, I think that their main objective is actually something way bigger.

I mean, they have people in the most important places of the TG universe:

The Clowns have also been responsible for some of the most important plot points of the story ‒ Souta pushed the steel beams over Rize, Itori made Kaneki go to the Ghoul Restaurant with Tsukiyama, Nico took part in Kaneki’s abduction by Aogiri, Itori helped Kaneki find Dr. Kanou and Nico told Kaneki the identity of the OEK.

They have such a carefully crafted plan that it would be weird if their only objective is to have the last laugh. And not to mention that they were revealed as “bad guys“ in the very last chapter of the first series.

That’s why I think that their real goal probably has something to do with the OEK (and Rize is somehow connected to this whole thing).

The Clowns have talked about one-eyed ghouls and the OEK on three occasions.

(1) Itori’s first meeting with Kaneki

I was re-reading that scene and a panel caught my attention. The words they exchange seem like insignificant gossip but we all know that nothing the Clowns do or say is simply a coincidence.

Before Kaneki, we know about the existance of two one-eyed ghouls. The seemingly random things Uta and Itori talk about actutually fit pretty well:

  • The OEK ‒ probably “male” ; “an old man“ (he lived one hundred years ago)
  • Eto ‒ “female” ; “a small child” (compared to the OEK, she really is a small child ; plus, a lot of characters have commented that she looks like a “child” ; she explained that her God was a child with a lot of power right before refering to herself as God)

Don’t you feel that in this scene Itori and Uta already know everything and are giving Kaneki the answers but at the same time trying to make their conversation seem unimportant in order to mess with his mind??

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