Pierre Despereaux

Psych Moodboards: Pierre Despereaux

“You see, Shawn, my life’s goal has always been to commit the perfect crime. I’ve always thought of my heists as… elegant. Victimless. But you made me feel somehow… regretful. You genuinely wanted me to be the greatest thief that ever lived.”

requested by the lovely @shawnhenryspencer

  • Gus: I'm turning this car around right now!
  • Despereaux: I wouldn't do that if I were you. I have this small, somewhat impressive shiv that I learned to make from one of thirty prisoners named Gourd and I am in a position, unfortunately, where I would have to use it.
  • Gus: I'm going to kill you Shawn.
  • Despereaux: I give you my word though that I would cut you in a manner that you would not bleed out too much and your recovery would be a matter of weeks.
  • Shawn: Come on. Gus. Considering the circumstances I'd say that's pretty damn considerate.
  • Despereaux: Thank you.