Pierre Despereaux

Psych Moodboards: Pierre Despereaux

“You see, Shawn, my life’s goal has always been to commit the perfect crime. I’ve always thought of my heists as… elegant. Victimless. But you made me feel somehow… regretful. You genuinely wanted me to be the greatest thief that ever lived.”

requested by the lovely @shawnhenryspencer

Was Pierre Despereaux really MI6 or the world's greatest art thief?
  • Fan: I want to hear from the horse's mouth. What do you think?
  • Cary Elwes: Ha ha! Very good. Um...I'm going to leave that ambiguous.
  • Nearly everyone: NOO
  • Cary: What? Wait a minute...does that mean you're dragging me in?
  • Crowd: Yes!
  • Cary: all of those who say yes, say yes now.
  • Nearly everyone: YES!!
  • Cary: I think he was the world's greatest art thief...but I try not to judge my roles.