Pierre Despereaux

Was Pierre Despereaux really MI6 or the world's greatest art thief?
  • Fan: I want to hear from the horse's mouth. What do you think?
  • Cary Elwes: Ha ha! Very good. Um...I'm going to leave that ambiguous.
  • Nearly everyone: NOO
  • Cary: What? Wait a minute...does that mean you're dragging me in?
  • Crowd: Yes!
  • Cary: all of those who say yes, say yes now.
  • Nearly everyone: YES!!
  • Cary: I think he was the world's greatest art thief...but I try not to judge my roles.

Because I am in denial about Psych ever being completely over, here are some spin-off ideas: 

  • Buzz Mcnab finally makes detective, and is transferred to Juliet’s old precinct in Miami. He solves his first case using tricks he picked up from an old friend, but accidentally makes everyone think he has psychic powers. Only problem? He doesn’t have Shawn Spencer’s supernatural ability.
  • Macintosh solves crimes in a Canadian way.
  • When Lloyd and Maryanne move to Florida, Henry decides to tag along. But when a mysterious murder happens in their retirement community, they team up to solve it, and then open up their own small time detective agency.
  • After a year of intensive therapy, Nick Conforth is finally ready for the streets of Santa Barbara. But is Santa Barbara ready for him?
  • Joy Guster is excited to start her first day as name partner at her law firm, until she finds out the whole firm has been bought out by Santa Barbara’s quirkiest lawyer, Adam Hornstock.
  • Lauren Lassiter’s best friend is hired to produce a true crime show, and she brings Lauren along to direct. Using tricks Lulu learned from her big brother, they end up solving the crimes themselves.
  • Pierre Despereaux switches sides and helps solve art crimes in a way that is in no way exactly like White Collar.

I had a dream I fell in love with a serial killer and the serial killer took the form of Pierre Despereaux and my mom didn’t like him and I didn’t care I stayed with him and then my mom called the police and said that I was kidnapped and the police came to Pierre and was all like have you seen… And then I walked into the room and they were like freeze and I told them mom is full of shit and they still searched the house and then they found the torture chamber and I was like that’s for sex while Pierre is off to the side sweating like hell and then the police was like ok and my mom was arrested for filing a false police report.

What does this mean?

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It was only a second long, but I think it was the best part of the episode. Best part of a really GREAT episode. I have watched this little bit no less than thirty times. If anything, that’s an UNDERexaggeration.

Also, Despereaux/Shawn forever and ever and ever. Because it makes me laugh. And who doesn’t want a gentleman thief sugar daddy?

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If they continued on with a Despereax episode every season like they’ve been doing, I am THE LAST person you’ll see complaining.