broadway songs that can resurrect me

-bitch of living

-ring of keys

-i’m breaking down

-my shot

-the origin of love

-no good deed

-you will be found

-cell block tango

-maybe this time

-i’m here

-what the heck i gotta do

-we ain’t no cheerleaders

-monica’s song

-holding out for a hero

-finale, in the heights

-angel of music

-tomorrow is a latter day

-sweet transvestite



little farty comic i may or may not color :’P

the idea was to show abby’s adventurer/hero instincts manifesting at a very young age, and also sebastian being somewhat ‘forgotten’ about like he always claims to be

E eu me apaixonei porque todos os dias eram bons quando você estava por perto. Me apeguei porque seu cheiro é natural, é como cheirar felicidade e ficar dependente disso. Amei porque você é você, diferente de tudo aquilo que imaginei um dia sentir.
—  Teoria de Sr. Pierre. 
Reasons I can’t get “Pierre & Anatole” out of my head

I had firmly resolved that “The Confrontation” from Les Miserables would always and forever be my favorite male-to-male confrontation in all of musical theatre. Firmly resolved. But then came Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (or just The Great Comet) and asdfghjkl guys, I’ve been obsessing over the whole musical. Especially with the Original Broadway cast album just released!!

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Anyways, here’s some of the reasons I love “Pierre and Anatole” so much. There are spoilers, so stay away if you’re afraid of those ;)

-the TENSION alone from the opening music…and they haven’t even spoken yet!

-Even though the lyrics are almost directly quoted from the actual book War and Peace, they still seem so musical and rhyme-y

-“Mon cher” (Anatole is literally calling Pierre “my dear” in French)

-How snobbish and aloof Anatole is trying to seem when he’s really about to wet his pants

-The rage of Pierre!!!

-“I don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this” (Pierre holding a paper weight)

-The difference from how Pierre was all “f*ck it” in “Preparations,” and “The Abduction,” when he didn’t know that the girl Anatole was marrying happened to be Natasha, to how he is all “f*ck you” in this song, now that he has the knowledge

-“Pierre paces the room several times in silence. Anatole sits at a table, frowning and biting his lips”

-Anatole being a stupid whiny little b*tch and yet still…

-“Amuse youself with women like my wife!”

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^omg. this. line. Need I go in to how Anatole and Helene are *probably* the Jaime and Cersei Lannister of their day? Need I?! And all the other stuff…omg. This is a harsh bite.

-just every way that Pierre puts Anatole in his place to defend honor that isn’t even his own

-“But you have used such words to me—"Scoundrel,“ and so on, Which, as a man of honor, I will not allow anyone to use” ha.ha.ha. “You could at least take back your words, eh? If you want me to do as you wish”

Pierre you better not! No Pierre!!!

- …..


- “Fine I take them back”

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and not only does Pierre “take them back,” he also asks that Anatole forgive him, and then gives money to that heartless chihuahua!!! And he offers—offers to do so. Smh. WTF?! Why?!?!?!

And, finally….

-“For Petersbuuuuuuurrrrrrrg!” (you will have to listen to it to understand)

E você foi aquele cálculo extenso e bem complicado que a resolução deu zero. Você foi aquele dia lindo de sol que se transformou em tempestade de vento e trovoadas. Você foi aquele texto gigantesco que começou bem e terminou totalmente sem sentido. Foi aquela adaptação para o cinema do meu livro favorito que fugiu desgraçadamente da história original. Foi aquela prova que eu sair esperançoso da sala, mas tive negativa. Foi o meu amor mais bonito. Isso, foi. Não é mais.
—  Teoria de Sr. Pierre.
The OHC Cast as Stuff I've Done While Drunk
  • Julian: Cried for over half an hour over how pure and good my friend's blind cat is while petting and hugging it
  • The Narrator: Explained the entire plot of Hamilton at 6am, with renditions of some of the musical numbers and poor choreography
  • John: Made out with at least seven people, got kicked in the face, cried on and off for about an hour, acquired several hickeys, and tried to jump out of a window all in the same night
  • Leticia: Tried to re-unite my friends when we got split up into two groups but ended up getting lost on my own and just went back to the bar to get another drink, also had to be held back from nearly cracking a guy's ribs when he wouldn't leave my friends alone
  • Jacques: Decided at 5:30 am I was really energetic, did two push-ups, and then collapsed onto the floor
  • François: Partied all night long just enjoying living my life and minding my business while my entire group were having several different catastrophic fights between themselves
  • Pierre: Passed out for an hour or so at a party, then woke up, chugged my drink and went back into it comparing myself to the second coming of Jesus
  • Coco: Enthusiastically listened to a stranger tell me their entire life story while too drunk to actually hear anything or remember what they were saying