Happy Friday everybody! 

Two things: 

1) My daughter has her first SCUBA lesson tomorrow (yay!!), which means I won’t be able to get to the studio until 1PM. So tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll be open from 1pm-8pm. Thank you for your understanding. 

2) We just got a new shipment in from anatometal and spent all day getting it on display and into inventory. So we’ve got a lot of new clusters, new gold ends (such as the ever popular moons that everybody wants right now) and all kinds of other goodies. 

Have a great weekend! 

Monterey, CA

We just adore philtrum piercings. They’re such an eye catching piercing. 

We pierced Rosa two weeks ago, and here she is after having her jewelry downsized. 

She’s wearing a 4mm prong set black opal from the fine folks at anatometal

Thanks so much, Rosa! You’re healing wonderfully. 

Monterey, CA