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Imagine Mike explaining how he cuddles without you when he’s on tour.
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“I just have this pillow on tour, normally. So I kinda just, (Gif), and pretend it’s


A Very Turtle Christmas (Tony Perry) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,247


Christmas was your favourite time of year, well it use to be. This year had been hectic with you opening a new photography studio and touring with a few bands as a band photographer. Your fiancé Tony was due back from tour this afternoon and you felt bad because you hadn’t even thought about decorating the house for Christmas. He loved coming home to see all the lights on the Christmas tree and the stupid little decorations you’d both gathered over the years together scattered around the house.

All you could do was leave him a note saying you’d be back later because someone had broken two lights in your studio and they needed replacing as soon as possible. You hated not being there when he opened the door to your house, normally you’d scream his name and jump into his arms but today wasn’t like all the other times.


I couldn’t wait to see my beautiful fiancé again, Pierce The Veil had just finished a three month tour with All Time Low and y/n had to stay back because she was touring with Sleeping With Sirens and then setting up her very own photography studio in San Diego because she wanted somewhere to work on her pictures.

When I pulled up to the house we’d bought together I couldn’t help but notice that there were no Christmas lights outside which was odd, around this time in December the lights would be up and on. Jaime was staying with us while his apartment was under reconstruction so when we walked into a bare hallway both of us were surprised to see the house empty and not a single Christmas decoration in sight.

“I thought you two loved Christmas Tony? This place doesn’t even have decorations on the tree.”

Jaime was right both y/n and I loved Christmas. I found numerous boxes of decorations and lights which had been unopened. I left Jaime to go unpack in his room as I trudged into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter in y/n’s familiar handwriting.


Sorry I couldn’t be there when you got back but I got called into the studio last minute as some idiot broke two lights. I’m sorry I couldn’t have the house decorated for you but with the studio and editing the band pictures I just have been rushed off my feet and had no time. I wanted the first Christmas in our new house to be special but I kind of ruined that. I’ll be back later, tell Jaime if he isn’t already reading this letter over your shoulder that the fridge and cupboards are fully stocked with your favourite food.

y/n xxx

“We should do something for her Tony. But first food, y/n knows the way to my heart.”

I jumped at the sound of Jaime’s voice behind me, y/n was right about him reading the letter over my shoulder. I felt bad that she was pinning the blame on ruining our Christmas on herself, I’d been away the last three months and she’d been left to deal with everything on her own. Jaime was right about doing something for her.

“Jaime do you think we could get the house decorated before she comes back from the studio? I think it will make her day if she comes back and the house is all festive.”

Jaime nodded while stuffing his face, I swore it was like y/n and I had our very own child.

“I could call the other two, four sets of hands are better than two. Plus they love y/n and will understand. You’re a good fiancé Mr Perry.”

It looked like we had a plan. If we could rope Mike and Vic in the decorations would get put up quicker. y/n was going to have the best surprise when she walked through that door.


You got a message from Tony just after the second light had been fixed, normally it would have taken a week to get replacements but you got things done when you were in a mood. Tony’s text lightened your mood.

TONY: We got back safe; Jaime thanks you for the food. Hope you get the lights fixed and I can’t wait to see you tonight. Three months is a long time and I have a surprise for you xxx

You wondered what the surprise could be as you finished a few things around your office. Usually you hated surprises when people did them to you and Tony knew this, but in the nine years you’d been together his surprises were the best.

Y/N: I can’t wait to hug my turtle again x I’m heading back now so I should see you in half an hour if the traffic is good x

Tony didn’t reply and you thought nothing of it as you locked up the building and got into your car. You were surprised that Tony hadn’t bought up the lack of Christmas decorations; maybe he was being nice knowing you weren’t in the best of moods. You were just happy that you had him back.

Pulling into your drive you did a double take upon seeing Christmas lights lit up on the front of your house, you didn’t remember putting them up. Had Tony done this? Was this his surprise? He should have been resting after tour and not putting up decorations.

Before you could unlock the front door it opened revealing a smiling Tony. He engulfed you in a hug and all your worries vanished.

“God I’ve missed you y/n.”

“I’ve missed you more Tony. Did you put the lights up? You should be resting.”

He pulled back and grinned and only then did you notice he had a blindfold in one hand. You didn’t question him as he turned you around and tied it around your head.

“That’s only part of your surprise babe, me and my little elves did something else for you.”

He took your hand and led you into the house. It wasn’t that long of a walk before he stopped you and told you to take the blindfold off. You took off the blindfold and gasped at the beautiful sight in front of you, Christmas had puked all over the lounge and hallway. The tree was decorated and lit up, stockings hung above the fire place and tinsel covered everywhere else. All the little decorations you’d gathered were placed around the room. You felt tears come to your eyes; this was the best surprise you could have ever asked for.

“It’s beautiful Tony; you didn’t need to do this. This must have taken you a long time.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“I had three little helpers who all agreed that you’ve been worked off your feet and deserved a nice surprise. Look up.”

You glance up and laugh upon seeing mistletoe hung above you, it was very well placed.

“I’d be a bit of a scrooge if I didn’t kiss you Tony.”

“Jaime is crashing at Mike’s so we have the house to ourselves tonight. So we can do more than kiss under the mistletoe.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around his shoulders before standing on your tiptoes and kissed him. He smiled against your lips and picked you up around the waist before deepening the kiss. You had your fiancé back for Christmas and it finally looked like things were getting better. This was going to be the best Christmas yet.