Be The Luigi To My Mario (Jaime Preciado) (Pierce the Veil)

Word Count: 521


“You’re going to this party and you’re wearing the costume. Plus you look sexy as female Luigi.”

You tug at your ‘costume’ if you could even call it that. Yes you loved Mario Kart and Mario Party but sexy Luigi wasn’t what you had in mind when you let your best friend pick out your Halloween costume.

“Fine, but you better not leave me.”

~3 Hours Later~

You’d lost your friends around an hour ago and spent the whole time trying to find them while avoiding the drunks who kept making mushroom jokes. You grab another beer and push your way out of the kitchen and make your way outside where it’s quieter.

“Mario is red, Sonic is blue, press start to join in and be my player two.”

You roll your eyes and turn to give this drunk a mouth full, but you come face to face with a grinning Mario.

“Smooth one Mario.”

The guy throws his head back and laughs and only then do you recognise his face and nearly drop your beer. Jaime Preciado from Pierce the Veil was flirting with you.

“I can do one better Luigi. They don’t call me super for nothing.”

“If I had the choice, I’d spend my hundred coins on you instead of an extra life.”

Jaime claps his hands together and you bow, two could play at this game. You take another swig of beer and watch him take off his hand and run a hand through his hair.

“Can I maybe get your name; I don’t fancy calling you Luigi all night.”

You put your drink down and extend your hand.

“I’m y/n, and what about you Mario?”


He shakes your hand and you pick up your drink again.

“Why aren’t you inside with everyone else Jaime?”

He shrugs his shoulders.

“I don’t mean to sound creepy y/n but I’ve had my eyes on you all night and was too scared to make a move while sober. I saw you come out her and decided to take a chance.”

Jaime Preciado of all people had a thing for you. Now you were happy your friends made you come to the party. You feel yourself blush and turn your head away from him.

“You don’t need to turn your face from me y/n. I bet you swat plenty of guys off you.”

You shake your head.

“You’d be wrong Jaime.”

“You two look so cute, smile for the camera.”

Both you and Jaime turn to face a smirking Lynn. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and kisses your cheek as the flash goes off.

“I ship you guys.”

Lynn runs back into the house. You chew your lip before taking a leap of faith. You snake your arms around Jaime’s shoulders before standing on your tiptoes and capture his lips. He kisses you back and his arms move to your waist.

“y/n will you be the Luigi to my Mario?”

You pull back grinning like a mad man in the process.

“Yes Jaime.”

Jaime pulls you back in for another kiss, this night had turned itself around. 

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