consider: tater meeting bitty for the first time. bitty goes for the handshake. tater not only goes for the hug, he literally squeezes bitty and picks him up off the floor with a “so THIS is little baker who make such good sandwiches??? good!!! you bring extra for me, no???” he doesn’t put bitty down for a full ten seconds. he loves him. they text each other all the time. whenever jack chirps bitty in the future bitty goes “tater wouldn’t treat me like this”

you took pieces
pieces of me
and now i’m just
a roof with a hole
and i can’t breathe
in the hurricane you left me in
i guess i never thought the roof
would finally cave

i haven’t found my pieces yet
i’m still trying to be my old self again
but i think somewhere along the way
she drowned
—  j.e.b. ((i’m just so tired of feeling so tired))

eric bittle, surrounded by mcdonald’s fries containers, two thermoses of coffee that went cold two days ago, and four open textbooks, none of which are open to the correct page, a random streak of highlighter on his cheek, bags under his eyes, the imprint of an index card cutting into his thigh, on the phone with his boyfriend: no, jack, finals week is honestly fine! no, i’m doing great

Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.
—  Drake

so i just read @birlcholtz’s nhl!bitty au where bitty joins the falcs after graduation, and i was thinking. the rpf community within the hockey fandom is pretty thriving. we already know that holster and ransom have found fic about jack. so i think that in the omgcp universe (or, this au of an au), with bitty being so cute and relatively tiny for a hockey team, surrounded by all these giant dudes who are pretty affectionate with him, there’s probably a LOT of fic about bitty and his much taller, dark-haired boyfriend… …tater. seriously. tater’s probably the type to just pick up bitty and sit him on his lap. or plant a kiss on him in the middle of the ice after bitty scores. (see: crosby/hornqvist’s deeply passionate moment on the ice last year.) certain types of hockey fans would eat that shit right up. there are 18468 coffee shop aus. aus where one of them plays for a rival team. locker room meet cutes. bitty/jack is a rarepair.