When your character is lying in the dark and the pain and then their rescuer finally arrives and they’re gasping their name in disbelief and grabbing for them and they’re clinging to them so tightly and grasping fistfuls of their clothes and burying their face in their shoulder and accidentally smearing blood on their shirt and sobs of relief are wracking their whole body and it’s over, it’s finally over.

Okay, so just picture this real quick....

Marinette and Adrien being childhood friends.

Marinette and Adrien playing together in the park, both about 5-7 years old, eventually they get tired and sit together on a bench.

Marinette and Adrien talking with each other while they catch their breath, eventually asking each other about their favourite animals.

Adrien blushing and saying “Okay…don’t laugh, but….I really really like ladybugs…”

Marinette giggling and telling him that it’s okay to like ladybugs because they’re cool and cute.

“My mom told me they’re lucky, too!!!!”

Adrien asking Marinette about her favourite and her just responding that she loves cats, but she loves black cats the most. Adrien grins and he’s like

“Yeah! They’re so cool and myst-mystri…um…weird?”

Marinette giggles and they run off to play again.

A few weeks later it’s Halloween.

“What do you want to dress up as, Mari?”

“It’s a surprise, Adrien!!!”

On Halloween they both show up, Marinette dressed as a ladybug, Adrien dressed as a black cat. They both dressed up as each other’s favourite animal.

Marinette and Adrien’s moms gushing about how adorable they are together.

Their fathers just sharing this flat look like “Looks like we’re saving up for a wedding.”

picture this;
i can’t tell whose legs
are whose anymore.
they’ve been tangled
together for so long,
and the bed sheets are
almost as messy
as my thoughts used to
be. but for now,
my headspace is clear.

picture this;
our heartbeats
together create music.
you’re humming
a melody alongside
them and i never want
you to stop singing.
i think your voice will
remain in my head
forever now.

picture this;
we don’t have to say
the words ‘i love you’
anymore. i can
feel it when our palms
touch, when our cheeks
kiss, when our hearts
bump messily into
one another. you still
whisper it to me
as surely as the sun
rises. my heart has
never felt so calm.

—  picture this. // r.e.s

NORSE MYTHOLOGY MEME (1/?) Týr, God of War and Justice.

We are honored by You, Great Warrior God Tyr,
Proud and amazed at the way You face fear.
Help us to battle our inner demons this day,
Great Warrior God Tyr, please show us the way ( x )


The turtles have just finished watching a horror movie marathon. They’re in a pretty goofy mood afterward and Mikey suggests they have an Evil Laugh Competition.

Mikey’s is a crazed cackle; not as scary as it is funny.

Donnie’s is a low sinister chuckle, complete with a devious rubbing of his hands; it sends shivers down everyone’s spines, but is just goofy enough to get a laugh out of everyone else.

Raph’s is a loud booming belt of a laugh, accompanied with his head thrown back and his hands on his hips; it startles them at best, but is obnoxious enough to be considered evil.

Leo can’t do one at first; he ends up bursting into embarrassed giggles every time he tries which amuses his brothers to no end.

That is until a thunderstorm strikes the city, and even ends up cutting the power in the sewers. And when a particularly loud lighting blast shakes up the lair, Leo finds his chance to flip out a flashlight, hold it under his chin, and deliver the loudest, most insane evil laugh they’d ever heard, even rivaling that of the Shredder.

He freaks EVERYONE out. Literally. His three little brothers’ high pitched screams of terror echo through the tunnels.

Splinter runs out of the dojo to find Leo, now rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter, and his three younger brothers all huddled together in the corner.


Summer’s Rebirth on DeviantART

…*deep breath* Guess whose birthday it is today?! Saraa!!!! 

(And Sammy can come too ofc!!) 

Sara’s been very, very close to me, as the first character to spearhead this formerly tiny one-shot project, and the vessel of which I used to help reincarnate some of my high-school experiences, as did Ty with Sam… but as writers we can’t ever force any character to be bound their inspiration if they need to grow and take a life of their own. I’ve never had this much trouble diversifying previously-existing characters but Sara gave me a hard time! She’s been very set and familiar to my followers and fans of PT, and I identified maybe too closely with her for a while, which stifled her growth.

Saṃsāra is the cycle of life, death, and rebirth in Hinduism and Buddhism. It was just a coincidence when I named them Samantha and Sara, but it’s become a core element to their story. But a story about white girls with hindu/buddhist quotes felt weird, lmao. Sam’s half Japanese, but only her maternal grandmother’s side is Buddhist, and it felt like a long shot.

So… after a lot of hesitation, nerves, and careful consideration, Sara Muhkerji is gonna be biracial too- White/South Asian, specifically Bengali! Last name change because Dad. After I committed to this decision her entire family finally fell into place and it was awesome. Sara’s mom is white british and currently divorced from her dad who is British Bengali (whom Sara and her brother are living with in southern cali in the story)

As we may have mentioned here and there, a lot has been changing for PT. I’ll save the passionate speech for another time, but I will say we’re pretty much *always* working on this series. We took our creative process offline much to the disappointment of our fans- but a lot of our concept work was being taken at face value as the “final thing” and setting expectations for us to finish with half-cooked content- it made it hard for us to change or explore like we normally do with other stories. We were still learning about diversity and understanding sensitive topics in 2011- a lot can change in four years.

This drawing is hopefully going to be in the fashion-art-book we’re slowly planning, also.
I’m so proud of this drawing! Look at how much they’ve grown!! Look at how much I’VE GROWN! Ugh! So happy! Don’t look at my old pt art!! LOL