Pics not mine


story time:

over a year ago i made a post ( w pictures of a beautiful aura quartz i found for sale but couldn’t afford at the time. it amassed over 120k notes and that piece haunted me bc i had wanted it SO bad and while the photos were popular i wasn’t able to buy it for myself.

fast forward to about a week ago: i was browsing aimlessly and happened to find an incredibly similar piece that i could actually AFFORD this time –

so! say hello to probably my grandest piece yet 💕

19 Weeks Pregnant

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby: 6 inches (about the size of a zucchini/crepe suzette/a gameboy/or a four toed hedeghog!) and 8 ½ ounces in weight.

What You’re Doing: Going to school and finishing up college apps - I really hope to still go to school, and I did a pretty sweet gender reveal with milkshakes for my friends and family. I honestly thought I’d be having a boy so when we saw it was a girl I was shocked! I’m going in Monday for my next progesterone shot to hopefully keep the preterm labor monster at bay.

Cravings: My best friend has been getting me these things called cheese knots but they’re pretty much small loaves of bread with melted cheese on them and they are the BEST thing on the planet.

Sleep: I have never slept well before being pregnant and that has not changed.

Sex of Baby: A beautiful baby girl!!! I am so excited, but I’ll love my baby no matter it’s gender.

Weight Gain: I was partially working at an ice cream stop for the first ten weeks or so of my pregnancy and I gained about 20 pounds then. I’ve lost seven since I stopped working there.

Names: I know she’s either going to have the middle name of Allison or Mae! That’s my mother and then my sister’s middle name, and I might just go with Allison Mae because it’s beautiful. I have a few other ideas but I’m keeping those under wraps - that’s all that’s definite.

Symptoms: My chest has grown. Significantly. My chest is also producing liquids which shocked and terrified me a little bit at first. I’m also actually showing now - I have a ring of stretch marks around my belly button, too! Aside from the physical changes, I am EXHAUSTED. I take at least one nap a day. I also fluctuate between being incredibly nauseous and feeling like I haven’t eaten in two weeks. Also, I have had a contraction early this week and a few Braxton Hicks, but nothing to be concerned about! I really just have to remember to stay hydrated.

Fetal Movement: Honestly, until like two days ago she just felt like gas. Now I can feel her rolling around and she makes my belly move from side to side if she goes left or right, which is weird to see from the outside.

What you are looking forward to: Seeing my darling again and getting to take home pictures this time!

What baby is doing this week: She’s developing her vernix, the coating that will come out on her when she’s born! She’s growing hair now, getting connections between her nerves and muscles, and her arms and legs are mostly proportional now!

What your body is doing: I am getting very pigmented - my linea niagra is finally showing! I may also be experiencing hip pain because of loosening joints. Round ligament pain is still going strong this week as my body stretches to accommodate the half-pound size of my baby. I’m also going to be getting stretch marks very rapidly.

-Mama Mod Ryn