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Pardon my face, but I went to a wonderful fair today that was filled with liberal pals and there was a PP booth! I’m not old enough to be an escort (yet) but the lady high fived me and gave me condoms, a sticker, a pin, and a sign for my room! I #StandwithPP! 

Edit: There was also a “Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights” booth, but they were closed! :( I wanted a “GRR!” pin!


Legacy Titles: 5/6

↳ Batgirl

Batgirl is the name used by several female superheroes to be a counterpart to Batman and/or Robin. Barbara Gordon being the most prominent and iconic of all the Batgirls had mentored two different successors, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, along with her duties as Oracle. Two former Robins had the distinction of serving as Batgirls the out of continuity Carrie Kelley and the in-continuity Stephanie Brown.

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 After surviving Hannibal’s attack, both Will and Abigail take a much-needed vacation to sort out their lives and heal. Idea credited to @norasergeants

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LOOK at this smol bean and how fucking adorable he is; i am offended

also u have no idea how suddenly tempted i am to just tickle him if i ever meet him bc i don’t know if you’ve seen him giggle when tickled but…

thank u markiplier and whoever filmed this exchange bc that’s adorable and honestly? my anxiety is cured