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It's the anon that sent the ask that confused you. I meant to ask how the Vongola would react to rescuing a civilian and that person ends up becoming their s/o. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Okay, thank you.  Sorry for not getting it the first time.

Tsuna:  Tsuna wasn’t sure how he got into a relationship with you at all.  After he had saved you, he had gone to check up on you once.  Apparently, that was enough for you to decide that such a nice guy shouldn’t always be so serious.  This led you to tracking the Vongola boss down - much to Tsuna’s surprise and Gokudera’s displeasure.  From there, you made him take breaks for picnics or for a day at the park, just trying to get him to be able to relax.  By the time he realized what was happening, he had already fallen way to much in love with you to even think about backing out.  After he realized, he made sure that he gave you a protection detail as well as getting you trained in self-defense, though he made sure that Reborn, Lal’ and Hibari had nothing to do with your training.  He tried not to be overbearing but there were some days were you had to tell him to back off with the protection detail.

Gokudera:  After he rescued you, Gokudera had started yelling at you for “being an idiot, seriously don’t you know how to run.”  Still pumped up on adrenaline, you yelled back.  The yelling match eventual turned into an awkward conversation full of pauses and “sorry for yelling at you” “it’s okay, after all you saved my life.  thanks for that by the way”  “don’t mention it.”  As you were leaving, Tsuna encouraged his storm guardian to walk you home.  Tsuna had to fight back a smile at how quickly Gokudera agreed - just to make sure y/n got back safely, you know they almost got themselves killed once today.  Neither of you are exactly sure how the relationship progressed, but after it started becoming serious, Gokudera definitely taught you how to fight in multiple different styles. 

Yamamoto:  The relationship started with a “Thank you for saving my life”kiss.  Jacked up on adrenaline, you gave the swordsman a nice long kiss on the lips.  Taken completely aback, but rather liking it, a blushing Yamamoto asked you if you would be willing to see him again.  Agreeing you offered to treat him to dinner at the local sushi restaurant - not realizing that he happened to be one of the Takeshi’s involved in it.  Laughing about it when you found out, you decided that it must be fate and became determined to make the man yours.  After you two started the relationship, you always referenced how he saved you by calling him “your hero.”  A plus side was that always caused him to blush when he remembered what happened after.  He was pretty protective of you, seeing as the first time he had ever actually seen you, you had nearly died.

Ryohei:  Ryohei insisted on healing you and than making sure that you were okay after he rescued you.  It was then that you started talking and you found that you both found the other’s company appealing.  Ryohei asked you out before you left and you said yes in a heartbeat.  You moved to the relationship pretty quickly.  Ryohei was protective of you, but not to an excessive degree.  If you were going out for longer than a couple of hours than he made you promise to text him every so often just so he knew you were okay.  You both always looked back fondly on how you first met because he rescued you.  When you had kids, it was their favorite story to hear.

Lambo:  Lambo demanded that you repay him some how.  A few parts of grumbling on your end and you ended up making him dinner.  He was so impressed with your cooking that he started inviting himself over constantly for a meal.  From there, he started watching movies with you when he had free time.  Next thing you knew, you were texting him when you got bored and you would meet up outside of him just coming over for a free meal.  Eventually, you realized that you were in a relationship when people started targeting you to get to Lambo.  After that, Lambo became extremely possessive of you.  Literally, he tried keeping you away from the other guardians excepting Tsuna, and absolutely refused to letting Reborn even meet you.  However, he couldnt’ keep you completely away because he also wanted to gloat about how his partner was better than everyone else’s s/o.

Hibari:  You were terrified when Hibari first saved you.  After all, the Hibari Kyoya did everything to defend the peace of Nanimori - and the victim in incidents was often counted as disturbing the peace as well.  However, the former disciplinary committee chairman did not attack you and actually made sure that you were okay - kinda…well, he stood there until you managed to get yourself up and going home.  The next hing you knew, you were constantly being stalked by former disciplinary committee members.  Finally, you finally managed to build up enough courage to speak to Hibari about it.  When you talked to Hibari, you were unable to figure out why he had men following you in the first place - but you were able to get him to call them off, with the agreement that you’d text him once a day, and meet up with him once a week. You were so shaken up by it that you didn’t realize that this was the carnivore’s way of asking you on a date.  The relationship with him meant that you were back to being followed daily - except when you were with Hibari himself.  He was very protective of you, dealing with any threat to your safety himself.

Mukuro:  The real reason Mukuro had even gotten involved in the first place was because something about him had interested him. After the first instance, he kept finding reasons to show up when you were around.  That was how the relationship ended up starting.  After the relationship began, Mukuro would be pretty protective of you, always remembering how he had to save you.  He would also constantly remind you of his saving you when you tried to get him to do stuff that he didn’t particularly want to do - like go to your cousin’s wedding.  He was also always extra worried about  you when you went out (not that he would ever admit to it) because, if you had already been attacked once, what would happen now that you were dating him.  

S03E16 things get rowdy when both the truscums and the tucutes are all invited to their own honorary picnic, but each picnic… is at the SAME PARK?! and the host of BOTH turns out to be none other than… Tyler Oakley!

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Hi! Can I request a scenario where Jimin (bts) and you are 'casted' for we got married? And maybe add a little 'first kiss' in the show? (Like how Henry and Yewon did it)

“Congratulations on your engagement! Wait, who are you marrying again?”

You waited in front of the cameras, tapping your foot anxiously, as you sat at a picnic table in the middle of the park, waiting for that special someone to come and slide in next to you. As you sat there quietly, you observed the children running around, chasing each other until one would fall and start screaming until their parents ran over to pick them up and bring them home. You watched the happy couples, walking hand in hand, through the blossoming trees, as flowers floated delicately down next to them, looking at each other as if they were the most wonderful things that happened to them.

You sighed, wondering if your husband had forgotten about the filming date and got lost somewhere. Resting your chin on your hand, closed your eyes for a moment, and when you opened them again, you saw a figure in the horizon sprinting towards you, his arms open wide, with a camera crew struggling to keep up with him.

Squinting, you looked to see that his face was covered with a mask, and he was wearing a large coat that made him look nothing less like the grim reaper. As he got closer, you stood up, pressing your hands into the table, trying to wipe off the sweat off your hands before he came. You ran around the table to be able to hug him as soon as possible, but when he reached you, instead of taking off his mask, he lead you to a pathway, lined with flower petals without speaking.

In shock you shuffled forwards slowly, and stood frozen. The strange person motioned at you to stay in your place before running behind you. Afraid that he would scare you or something, you hugged your arms around yourself before you felt a pair or arms slip around your waist, before turning you around and leaning you backwards, tango-style.

        You saw the man before you, without a mask, without the long coat that lay limply in the middle of the pathway, next to the crew. You studied his delicate almond-shaped eyes and high cheekbones before noticing who it was.

Park Jimin.

Startled, you jumped slightly, which delighted Jimin.

“(Y/N), How nice it is to make your acquaintance.”

He spoke with a rough, but high voice, which he was known for. You couldn’t believe what was happening right now.

“Hello Oppa… I am pleased to meet you as well” you murmured.

“Well, since you’re going to be my wife for quite a while, I feel like things should move more quickly.”

        Move more quickly? What does that mean? Your thoughts were quickly interrupted with Jimin leaning in and pressing his soft lips down on yours.

        Still in the embrace, he picked you up in his arms, holding you as if he wished the moment would never end.

        It felt like you were floating on a cloud. Like you couldn’t feel anything weighing you down. Like you were on top of the world. It was a moment that you felt true euphoria at that one moment.

        When you pulled away, you kept the look of shock on your face staring at him, who was smiling in earnest, then suddenly turned shy when he saw your expression.

        “I needed to do that at least once, before our wedding (Y/N), I’m so excited for the season we have in front of us”

        Smiling, you pulled him down and pressed your lips down on his again.

        Behind you, you could feel the smiles of the crew boring down on you. It didn’t matter. It couldn’t be better. It was Jimin in your arms. You didn’t want to let go.

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My Tanya burr lip glosses and nail polish just arrived:-D The lip glosses is Picnic in the Park and Afternoon Tea. The nail polish is Midnight Sparkles. I can’t wait to wear them, and i’m definitely wearing Midnight Sparkles when I go to see 1D in june :-)

Guess what I have on my lips?
It’s from the new lip gloss and nail polish line from Tanya Burr!
I’m a huge fan of Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel and her blog, so I just HAD to try something from her line.
I have on Picnic in the Park. Its a gorgeous pink that’s not too bright, but still adds that hint of hot pink color. The formula is amazing as well, long lasting, not sticky, and it smells like candy. Can it get better?
Tanya Burr Lips and Nails is available in select Superdrug stores in the UK, but for my fellow Americans, you can purchase them on feelunique.com
Go get you some!

Picnic in the Park

Castiel had packed the sandwiches into the basket last, humming happily to himself. He’d remembered everything that Claire had told him about what she liked and had made sure to purchase all the neccessary items. Rachel had been thrilled to help, grinning at him and continually repeating, “It’s good that you’re getting out,” or “I’m glad you found a friend!”

And indeed it was. By the time Castiel had arrived in the park, basket in tow, he was practically overflowing with sunshine. It was a beautiful day to have a picnic, and nothing seemed to be able to go wrong. Now all he had to do was wait for Claire.

Things I'm Loving

Hey guys! Here’s a couple of things I’m currently loving. This is something that I’ve never expect myself to love. I wear quite a bit of lipstick, lip stain, or lip pencil, and one thing I really dislike is lip gloss! I never liked the sticky feeling with it leaving my lips more chapped than ever. I’ve gotten a couple of Stila lip gloss last month and unfortunately my lips doesn’t like it! They do make my lips more voluptuous though. Anyway so I’ve recently discovered Tanya Burr, a beauty youtuber, and I love how pretty her lips are. So I started digging what she wears on her lips and I found out that she released her own make up line. She was wearing her own lip gloss! Anyway so I decided to give it a try, hoping that it will make my lips more sexy-yyy and most importantly I needed it to be moisturising. And.. guess what! I love it! The colours are really beautiful, and it has great pigmentation (correct me if I’m using the wrong term), and it was also moisturising! Woohoo! They are really affordable as well, given that everything in Australia is so bloody expensive! You can get them at feelunique if you fancy!

I’ve also been a fan of the classic daisy for the longest time. My friend gave me this daisy eau so fresh ones for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I’ve been bringing it everywhere I go :) I’ve also been meaning to get some 3 concept eyes make up and I love what I got here. I got a powdered highlighter since I only have a liquid one. I do not put a lot of it since I have oily skin. I also love the duo blush they got there! So cute! I have quite a bit of neutral/brown eye shadow shades, so I got a burgundy shimmery set! Gotta love this one as we are transitioning into autumn!

Last but not least, it’s an unisex iPad cover from Mujjo! I like buying gadgets that looks unisex so that my partner can use it as well. I’m using an all black Alienware laptop, so that is not exactly girlish at all. The main reason why I got an  Alienware was because I was a gamer :S. I don’t play anymore computer games though. I do play some PS3 games occasionally, my favourite one from last year was The Last of Us and they had a sequel recently as well. It is such a great game and definitely the best PS3 game in 2013! 

I can’t believe I’ve written so much! I hope you guys enjoy this blog post! More photos with the link below!

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