Hi! I’m Itali🌻from Florida. ive done one of these things before but ive never made substantial or even long lasting friendships.
I’m looking for internet friends, texting buddies, the likes.
A little about me :
I’m a Art Hoe, I love museums, picnics, parks, libraries, reading (VC ANDREWS anything), writing (especially poetry), visuals, really the likes of that. Even the thought of those things makes me jittery dude. If you were interested in those things we could really connect on those terms, I love seeing other people happy with their art (in all forms).
I lovveeee indie music or R&B, and Hip hop, I genuinely like sending people playlist and ive always wanted to get sent a play list. Like omg you find me important enough to send a whole play list too? You tryna share your music with me ??? Okay okay. I can really fw anything but HEAVY metal.
I’m not really good with organization so I just wanna let yall know conversation is most important to me. I can stay up and talk about anything and everything. I try to stay as open minded as possible especially when someone is expressing themselves. It can be about politics, books, art, music we analyze, bullshit, conspiracy theories, a post you saw, WHAT THE HELL EVER!!!
I want to keep some mystery to me, so we have something to talk about lol. BUT Hmu on Tumblr : @bbygoldigga

cute summer date ideas:
-having a picnic in the park
-going star gazing at the observatory
-staying home and ordering take out bc it’s too hot outside
-cute plant shopping
-staying in a small town and exploring the little shops and cute restaurants
-going antique shopping
-camping beside a lake and going swimming as the sun rises
-roasting marshmallows on a fire
-cuddling under the stars
-enjoying each other’s company

Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)
  • Coffee Shop: How do you take your coffee?
  • Train Station: Where do you want to travel?
  • Picnic in the Park: Do you enjoy people watching?
  • Kiss Under the Rain: What sounds help you sleep?
  • Butterflies: What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
  • Snow Angels: What's your favorite kind of weather?
  • Bed & Breakfast: What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
  • Kiss at the Door: When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
  • Bowling: Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
  • Chocolates: What's your favorite kind of sweet thing?
  • Roses: Do you blush easily?
  • Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
  • Candlelight: What romantic cliché do you wish for most?
How to make study dates more about studying (and have fun at the same time)

7 useful tips on spicing up and/or sweetening the productive study sessions with your luvah 🔥

  1. If a class includes requires reading, curl up on the couch and read aloud to each other. If you have the time to goof off a bit, read it in funny accents or voices, just for shits and giggles.
  2. It’s a no-brainer that during a study date, you’ll need some snacks. Stay productive and spice up the date by feeding each other *healthy* and romantic food like chocolate covered strawberries or dark chocolate in general.
  3. Use each other as a reward system. For every maths problem you correctly complete, you get a kiss or a hug or a neck massage.
  4. Go somewhere to study together. Have a picnic in the park or visit your local coffee shop and type away while playing footsie under the table. New environments are exciting and refreshing and add a sense of occasion to an otherwise boring cram-marathon.
  5. Make a game out of it. If you two have the same assignment that has numbered questions like maths, see who can correctly answer the most amount of questions in a limited amount of time. This will introduce competitive motivation and help identify where the holes in your understanding or process may be, as well as make it more fun.
  6. Make it a group date. Invite another couple(s) to join you to pool resources in case they can help you with an assignment, and to make it more fun.
  7. Flashcards can be fun with a partner, and bring in the aforementioned reward system. Boom. You’ve got a nice and steamy game show

Request another prompt list/ writing advice post here


So dating this human marshmallow would include:

  • probably has a cheesy photo of you two as his lock screen from your first date 
  • and your name saved as something equally as cheesy like “my baby” or “beautiful”
  • his nicknames for you would include: “babe”, “baby”, “love” and his favorite one “kitten” 
  • would melt if you call him “oppa” 
  • insists that you dance with him even if you’re bad at it
  • making fun of his british accent, but he still does it because he loves seeing you smile 
  • loves hugging you and would cling to you like Seonho clings to Minhyun a koala when you two are alone 
  • holds your hand all the time, no matter when or where or who you’re with
  • like literally 
  • you would be sleeping and he still has his fingers interlocked with yours
  • complaining about how he spends more time with his cats than with you 
  • “but babeeee, the cats need my attention” 
  • “but i need it too” 
  • “aww come here and let’s all cuddle”
  • so you end up watching harry potter for the 10th time with him and his cats
  • falling asleep on the couch 
  • and waking up to daniel sleeptalking 
  • he would probably say the most random things like 
  • “hurry, hurry we need to go before they come” 
  • “who comes?” 
  • “they are gonna steal it, hurry hurry” 
  • “babe wake up, you’re dreaming”
  • “nooo, they stole my cereal Y/N !!”
  • and you always mock him for it “No ThEy StOlE mY cErEAl Y/N” 
  • and he shakes his head like “why am i even dating you” 
  • but he loves you so much he would do anything for you 
  • your mom adores him, she thought he was perfect the moment you first took him home
  • always asks you about him on the phone
  • “how’s daniel doing? you didn’t upset the poor boy, right ?” 
  • “what if he upsets me mom ?!” 
  • “nonsense, how could that boy do anything bad” 
  • “HELLO MOTHER-IN-LAW !!” *daniel screaming in the back* 
  • playing video games and him accusing you of cheating when he loses, but you’re just that good
  • “you lost, you’re doing the dishes for a week”
  • “i call for a re-match!” 
  • and he loses again and now he has to do the dishes for two weeks
  • fighting with sungwoo over daniel almost every day
  • “he is mine !”
  • “but he is my boyfriend!” 
  • “please… there is enough kang daniel for everybody” 
  • “shut up Kang, this is not about you” 
  • and Daniel has to bring Jisung over to calm you and Sungwoo for the 5th time that week
  • you would have super chill dates with sungwoo included, like picnics in the park or going to cute little coffee shops or festivals in the summer and ice-skating in the winter 
  • grocery shopping is hectic and you’re always fighting over what to buy
  • cause Daniel wants more stuff for his cats
  • but you need new make-up
  •  so Jisung is always there shoving the shopping list in your faces 
  • midnight runs to the store cause you’re hungry and he is sweet by offering to go
  • but calls you after 5 minutes cause 
  • “baby i just found the cutest cat outside your apartment”
  • “DANIEL NO” 
  • “but it’s so adorable, come see it” 
  • so you go and see a small fluff ball being hugged by a big fluff ball, but you still don’t agree cause he has 4 other cats to take care of
  • “pleaseeeee?” 
  • “noooo”
  • “but…” 
  • “no”
  • “pleaseeeeee”
  • and so you adopt another child and you can already hear daniel giving him weird names
  • well now this boy right here
  • would love it if you wear lingerie, especially in cute colors like pink or white and probably kitten collars with thigh high stockings 
  • i feel like he would be into pet-play and would let you call him daddy if he knew you liked it 
  • he really knows what he’s doing in bed + high stamina from being a dancer = sore mornings for you
  • you didn’t even need to tell him what you like and he already knew all of your soft spots and how to make you tremble under his touch 
  • likes holding your hands above your head as he kisses your neck and your collarbone 
  • lots of biting like you’re lips, neck, chest, thighs literally anywhere
  • teasing, i think he would enjoy teasing you, like kissing you slowly and taking his time kissing you and caressing your skin
  • “Daniel hurry up”
  • “Patience, kitten”
  • really good at giving, knows how to make good use of that tongue
  • always keeps his hands on your hips as he kisses the inside to your thighs and your core 
  • would let you ride his face 
  • likes looking at you as he pleasures you so he would want to do it in front of mirrors 
  • usually really sweet and loving; holds your hands even then and probably maintains eye contact and gives you assuring smiles 
  • “you’re so beautiful baby”
  • can turn rough and super dominant at times 
  • like if you’re teasing him on purpose while you’re out with his friends then good luck when you get home 
  • he would have you face down as he’s thrusting into you from behind
  • likes slapping your ass and pulling your hair as he whispers “I love you” into your ear 
  • you’re gripping the sheets trying not wake your neighbours 
  • but he wants to hear you scream his name so he goes even harder 
  • and you can’t hold it in anymore so you just let it go and yell his name 
  • “that’s right, kitten. tell everyone who you belong to.” 
  • would be a mess when receiving 
  • lots of heavy breathing and grunts 
  • with soft, inaudible moans 
  • but you enjoy teasing him too so you just kiss his erection through his boxers while massaging it 
  • so he starts complaining and begging until you finally take him in your mouth 
  • and then he turns silent and is biting his lips while grabbing the sheets 
  • “baby… i… i’m close” 
  • never fails to say “I love you” after he finished
Witchy date ideas

-Exploring the woods


-watching the stars

-swimming under the full moon

-building a fort in the middle of the woods


-dog park

-literally anywhere with animals


-Thrift shop or good will (theres a fuck ton of jars and candles there)

-take a bath together. light some candles, add rose petals, and surround the tub with rose quartz

-get super drunk and then try to do couples yoga poses

-have a photo shoot in the woods

-dance in the rain

-have a picnic by a body of water 

-meditate together

-crystal shopping


( 1 0 . 0 6 . 1 7 ) 🎧 권지용 middle fingers-up - g-dragon

11:11… i wished for more moments like yesterday, it was so nice to celebrate my friend’s birthday with a picnic at the park. time to go back to work now though!

june study challenge day 10: are there any friends or study buddies you’ve had who have been particularly helpful in your academic life? well, i’m really not a group study kind of person, so i’ll often shut myself in my room for entire days on end rather than find a study buddy. that said, my friends’ greatest contribution to my studies is probably keeping me sane and happy and recharging my batteries by having fun breaks together!

Infp aesthetic

☆Raindrops on windows

☆Planning times to daydream

☆Old bookstores packed with books and the smell of old paper


☆Watching kids movies until the crack of dawn

☆Picnics in the park with friends

☆Scrapbooks that are left unfinished

☆Lying in the dark for hours with only your imagination

☆Forget me nots (type of flower)

☆Browsing memes until you can’t keep your eyes open any longer

☆The smell of fresh baked bread in the morning

☆Knowing that death is imminent and accepting it + gaining a sense of freedom through it … :)

Types as Seasonal Aesthetics


ISFP: You are the specks of pink cherry blossoms blowing in the wind and the pleasant breeze whispering against people. 

ENFJ: You are the first warm day after the blistering cold; a sign of hope. 

ESFJ: You are the very picture of a family having a nice picnic in a lusciously green park.

ENTP: You are the pesky allergies that come with the season making it more bittersweet. 


ENFP: You are the wanderlust, exploring the unknown depths of the unpredictable sea. 

ESFP: You are the city lights at night and a thirst quenching glass of a cocktail drink. 

ESTJ: You are that one friend who encourages physical activities and fun not be wasted on this season. 

ISTP: You are a pair of sunglasses; chic and protecting people’s eyes from the dangers of the sun rays. 


INFP: You are the crispy, fall morning and the wind blowing through strands of hair. 

INTP: You are the solitude of chilly nights and empty roads.

ISTJ: You are the mystical fog and the beginning of school. 

ISFJ: You are the beautiful, colorful leaves decorating houses, pavements and cars. 


ESTP: You are the chaotic and turbulent snow storms. You are the thrill of sliding down white covered mountains.

ENTJ: You are the cold air from people’s lips and the fatal sting of frostbites from being outside too long. 

INTJ: You are the rage of sleet and the sharp edges of ice. 

INFJ: You are the warm smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon on Christmas Eve.

Things Couples Can Do Together
  • These can be used as sort of prompts for romantic/fluffy pieces of writing or just things to day dream about:
  • 1. Making the bed together
  • 2. Tying his tie
  • 3. Him/Her zipping your dress
  • 4. Dropping hints so he'll give you his jacket
  • 5. Watching sitcoms together
  • 6. Being stuck at their house during a blizzard
  • 7. Reading together by the fire
  • 8. Building a fort together
  • 9. Hold hands
  • 10. Watching the classics
  • 11. Slow dancing in the living room
  • 12. Baking together
  • 13. Eating cereal in bed together
  • 14. Passing notes in class
  • 15. Borrowing his gloves and them being way too big
  • 16. Take walks
  • 17. Go on a picnic in the park
  • 18. Drive through the city at night
  • 19. Go on a road trip
  • 20. Give each other handmade gifts
  • 21. Go on a romantic vacation together
  • 22. Sleep on a trampoline with blankets and pillows
  • 23. Take a nap together
  • 24. Go on a photography adventure
  • 25. Play video games together
  • 26. Have a beach date
  • 27. Take a train somewhere
  • 28. Spend a day in character as whomever the other chooses
  • 29. Write sappy poems for each other
  • 30. Clean together
  • 31. Watch each other's favourite movies
  • 32. Rent a tiny rowboat on a small pond and read sappy poetry to each other
  • 33. Go to an amusement park together
  • 34. Surprise each other with breakfast in bed
  • 35. Go shopping together
  • 36. Do art together
  • 37. Play/Kiss in the rain
  • 38. Take a steamy shower together
  • 39. Take a soothing bubble bath together
  • 40. Make traditions
  • 41. Cuddle
  • 42. Go to the movies
  • 43. Pick outfits for each other
  • 44. Sneak pictures of each other
  • 45. Make bets together
  • 46. Go on fancy dinner dates
  • 47. Do couples' challenges together
  • 48. Fall asleep together
  • 49. Volunteer together
  • 50. Stay together
  • Feel free to request more!: 😊
'Meet BTS, the K-Pop Group Loved By Wale and Charlie Puth'

Teen Vogue: How did you feel about landing in the U.S. iTunes Top 10 in February?

Rap Monster: Reaching the top of any music chart is a thrill, but this was a shock. We were on [a strict TV appearance] schedule at that time, so it wasn’t like I could scream or anything (laughs).

Jin: It was ‘Wow. Are you serious? Really?’ It was similar to what I thought when I first heard that Wings charted at 26 on the Billboard 200 last year. How cool is that!

Teen Vogue: For those new to BTS, what song and which video should they check out?

RM: Hmmm, it’s like choosing between your mom and your dad, who do you like better! “Fire” was loved by so many, so that’s the song.

Jin: I’d recommend “Blood Sweat & Tears” because I got the lead role and I kind of lead the whole story of video! And, of course, it’s beautifully designed and choreographed.

V: I, too, think it’s “Blood Sweat & Tears.” It had so many metaphors and I had to make a lot of guesses to understand the relationship between characters. And there’s a scene where I make a strange smile to give you a chill, which I love!

Teen Vogue: Rap Monster, K-Pop groups usually have designated roles for the members and yours is BTS’s leader, but what does that mean to you?

RM: It’s my official role to represent BTS to the world and it’s been a chance for me to mature as a person, but, behind the scenes, I’m just one of seven members and I’m inspired by the others all the time. I get free life lessons from J-Hope and Jimin, sometimes it’s like they’re 10 years older than me.

Teen Vogue: OK, let’s play a little game. You’re now at the mercy of another member describing you.

Jungkook: Jin used to be an ordinary guy in the team, but he’s the mood maker now. He’s the most wicked and funniest of all. No one in BTS is normal though, come to think of it.

Jin: Jungkook’s delicate voice always mesmerizes our ears and that’s definitely his role in BTS.

V: Jimin is a real piece of cuteness, like the youngest in the family.

Jimin: V’s specialty is getting all the attention from others onto him!

J-Hope: Suga is a true caretaker. He’s kind of a hidden leader who takes care of everyone.

Suga: J-Hope’s a real hope-maker. He’s such a ‘hope-generator.’

Teen Vogue: BTS have become highly respected for penning their own tracks. When you’re on tour, do you make time to write?

RM: Mostly we’re in the hotel when we’re not on [our promotional] schedule so I bring all my equipment. I wake up, if I have a rehearsal, I go do that and when I come back to the hotel, I sit down and turn on the laptop, cause I’ve got nothing to do without that!

Teen Vogue: When you’ve got a new demo, such as the rough guide to Wings, do you take it to another member and play it and ask for feedback?

Suga: I usually have as many people listen to it as possible because I think it really helps make it a better track. I always get great feedback from the rest of the band.

RM: Firstly, I take it to (BTS’s executive producer) P.Dogg. If he likes it, he sometimes puts it into the album. I really trust him, he’s got the eye for it.

Teen Vogue: If P.Dogg says no, will you fight for it?

RM: Yeah, of course, I really fight for it! I’m like, ‘Hey, this is the thing I gotta do right now. If you won’t do it, I’ll put it into my mixtape!’ The last one I fought for was ‘Reflection’ — there’s an original version, a whole different song. He didn’t not like it, it just didn’t fit the Wings concept, so I’ll release it myself someday.

Suga: I think I kind of did for my mixtape, because I felt I should as AgustD [my solo moniker], and I’m glad I did.

Teen Vogue: Speaking of mixtapes, J-Hope, we’ve been looking forward to hearing yours. What can you tell us about it?

J-Hope: I’m working on it as we speak and my inspiration really depends on my daily mood swing; sometimes I like to go strong and sometimes I make softer sounds. Since it’s a mixtape, I’m trying to experiment with various genres to test myself.

Teen Vogue: Jungkook, you recently covered Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” — you teased it in January but didn’t release it until the end of February. Were you making changes? And will we hear your own songwriting any time soon?

Jungkook: I recorded it several times until I was sure that it felt and sounded perfect. I was more than ready to share it because I knew fans had been waiting, but we had You Never Walk Alone being released and I thought I’d better wait until BTS wraps up the official activities for it. I don’t feel confident about writing any of my own [material] yet, but if I ever write a song, I’d like to work on a very soft and sweet vibe.

Teen Vogue: The bigger an artist gets, the more people will try and bring them down. How does BTS deal with that side of fame?

Jimin: I’m a very positive person and I don’t easily get intimidated by people who try to bring me or BTS down. Besides, my family is always there for me.

RM: These days, I try to take everything as my fate and respond with dignity. I accept it, it’s like a shadow, it’s just there.

J-Hope: I had a firm belief that I was going to be a successful artist, and that led me to what I am. I draw all the strength I need from that belief and try to share my energy with other members as much as I can.

Teen Vogue: Rap Monster, you’ve just released a collaboration with rapper Wale, which came about through a BTS fan helping bring you guys together over Twitter. What can you tell us about working together?

RM: When he suggested the collaboration, that was a real shock. I thought about it, [and was] like, should we do a party song? But I wanted to do something different. The title is “Change” — in America. They’ve got their situations and we’ve got ours in Seoul, the problems are everywhere and the song is like a prayer for change. He talks about the police, and problems he’s faced since he was a child. For me, I talked about Korea, my problems, and about those on Twitter who kill people by keyboards.

Teen Vogue: Let’s do a finishing quickfire round! BTS experiments with a lot of genres, which one has been a challenge?

V: I always find rock difficult.

RM: I’m always ready to be challenged, like, “Wings: Outro,” it was hip-house, that was the first time I’d ever listened to that genre… but I liked it.

Teen Vogue: What do you want do while you’re in America?

RM: I want to go to Barneys and Supreme! I want to see buildings and people on the street, their faces, what they talk about, how they walk. I do that in Korea. I go to somewhere I haven’t been and just watch people and colors, that’s my inspiration.

Jimin: I really want to go on a day trip with the members. Or a picnic to Central Park on a sunny day would be nice.

25 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Beatles

1. 14 seconds into “Eleanor Rigby” you can hear Paul McCartney singing the title of the song.

2. Please Please Me is the title of an album (a collection of recordings issued as a single item on CD, record, or another medium) by The Beatles.

3. Ringo Starr was well aware that living in an octopus’s garden would cause him to drown, but he wrote a song about it anyway.

4. The George Harrison penned tune “I Me Mine” contains a word with one letter, a word with two letters, and a word with four letters.

5. A Gold-Dust Day Gecko named Thimple Jimtop found it’s way into my shirt pocket after falling from a hole in the ceiling of a shopping mall.

6. If you look very closely at the cover of Abbey Road you can see all four members of The Beatles using a crosswalk.

7. The song “Back In The U.S.S.R.” contains guitar, drums, electric bass and singing.

8. Thimple Jimtop came home with me and spent his first night sleeping next to me on my pillow.

9. John Lennon wore glasses a lot of times.

10. The Beatles used song titles in order to label and identify the songs they created.

11. The Beatles are not from America despite the fact that they are people and there are many, many people from America.

12. Steven Seagal was not a member of The Beatles.

13. Thimple Jimtop snuck into my refrigerator late at night and ate all of my lettuce.

14. Paul McCartney was 100% opaque.

15. When The Beatles famously played on a rooftop not a single one of them jumped off.

16. Thimple Jimtop was punished using a scaled down version of waterboarding.

17. All The Beatles had somewhat successful solo careers, except for Steven Seagal who was not a Beatle to begin with.

18. Each one of The Beatles had both a mother and a father.

19. The Beatles were real and existed in the same universe this Tumblr post exists in.

20. Thimple Jimtop became despondent and ate his way through a loaf of wheat bread. When I found him he was very upset and begged me to leave him in his “bread cave” until I learned how to be a more forgiving friend. He stayed in for too long and was forgotten about and his new home was wrapped in a bread bag. He suffocated to death. 

21. George Harrison was into some weird shit.

22. Ringo Starr held drum sticks but usually only when he was practicing, performing, or recording songs.

23. “Hey Jude” is the title of a song AND a lyric in that song,

24. A funeral will be held for Thimple Jimtop at the Gus Fogt Picnic Site in Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO on Sunday July 2, 2017 at 10 AM.

25. The Beatles is the name of the band The Beatles.

SFW little rewards on a budget

🌼 bubbles!!!!!
🌼 tea party with cg
🌼 bubble bath or special shower
🌼 movie night
🌼 dessert
🌼 baking with cg - make sure you decorate them too
🌼 you can make a really simple matching crowns with some coloured paper and art supplies!! let your little help!!!
🌼 while youre at it get some old boxes and make a castle for their stuffies
🌼 a picnic at the park
🌼 write them a special letter
🌼 story timeee!!!
🌼 blanket fort
🌼 stickers!!!!!
🌼 get some chalk and let them draw all over the footpath
🌼 glowsticks

reblog and add your suggestions!!!

my wishlist: http://a.co/8dYbpgU

the signs' bts boyfriend + their first date
  • aries: jin; amusement park
  • taurus: taehyung; arcade
  • gemini: jungkook; beach
  • cancer: namjoon; mini golf
  • leo: jin; picnic at the park
  • virgo: taehyung; zoo
  • libra: jhope; laser tag
  • scorpio: yoongi; art museum
  • sagittarius: jimin; ice cream date
  • capricorn: namjoon; bowling
  • aquarius: jungkook; concert
  • pisces: yoongi; drive-in movie theater