Cesar Chavez

Shepard Fairey

Hayes @ Linden Alley in San Francisco, Ca

Took this photo quickly with the intension of returning after the equipment was removed. However the mural has already been bombed at the bottom so this is our final photo. For those of you who don’t know Cesar Chavez co-founded the National Farmer Workers Association in 1962. In 1965 he encouraged the American public to boycott table grapes and lead a grape pickers strike that lasted for 5 years gaining national attention. Army St in San Francisco was renamed Cesar Chavez.

If you did not make it to the San Francisco Art Exchange on 458 Geary St for the American Civics show you can see and buy prints online on their site.

This is what I’m working on at the moment. It might not look like much, just a “contact sheet” from a roll of 6x6 color negative film (Ektar 100) – but these are “scans” made with my Sony A7 and color converted with Photoshop and my own color curves to get halfway neutral and correct colors.

Everyone who tried this before without specialized software knows what this means. While there are some simple techniques floating around the iNet (mostly just using a blank and an overexposed piece of film, and perhaps a grey card, together with the appropriate photoshop color pickers) – but they don’t work. Color negative film has lots of peculiarities, but with some more work it is possible to create some custom curves that give good results: What you see above was all done by a simple batch process. I’m planning to create a PDF that shows how to do it (right ;)).

(There was an article some years ago on my blog, showing how to use some old Leica equipment and an M8 to do the “scanning”, but I had no solution – and no need – for color negative conversion. The equipment is still mostly the same, but the camera has changed …)


I thought @sixpenceee would like this… In 1976, the Arkansas highway department bought a stretch of land for a new interstate and found a grave of an unknown child. They avoided building on it and placed a headstone & chainlink fence around it. Local legends vary but most say it belongs to a baby girl from a family of poor strawberry pickers who fell out of her highchair and onto a fallen knife (circa 1890). Her grave reads     “The Unknown Baby Girl: In death she belongs to all of us.”  

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Spotlight: 1662 Act of Uniformity

On this date, August 24, 1662, the Act of Uniformity required the use of the rites and ceremonies in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer in Church of England services.

This reprint, published by William Pickering (note his use of the Aldine anchor and dolphin, taking on the mantle – and symbol – of that great 16th-century printer/publisher) and printed by Charles Whittingham (the younger; proprietor of the equally venerable Chiswick Press), is from “the sealed copy in the Tower of London.” Unfortunately, the binding on the spine gave way. But, it did reveal this curious form underneath:

“To be filled up by the Master of the Workhouse with the Articles actually given.” The list includes Coffee, Wine, Beer, Porter, Brandy, and Gin.

The signature on the flyleaf may be that of Henry Martyn Dexter, American clergyman and author, who graduated from the Andover Theological Seminary in 1844, the date this volume was published.

And … Happy St. Bartholomew’s Day!

The Book of Common Prayer: As Revised and Settled at the Savoy Conference, Anno 1662, 14 Charles II

Candy Apple

Natsu, Gray and Gajeel decide it’s a good idea to go walking out in the countryside on the hottest day of summer and they’re hungry. Extremely hungry. And Lucy just so happens to be an apple-picker.

Words: 1700

NaLu. Oneshot. For @celestialgoddesslucy, hope this is good enough!

“Why did we think this was a good idea?” Natsu moaned as he clutched his stomach. His innards felt like they were grinding against each other in the attempts of dampening his will power and strength to keep walking.

“It was your idea dumbass,” Gajeel grunted, dragging his feet along the ground and swaying a bit as the sun beat down hard on their heads.

“Yeah, but it was your fault for agreeing!” Natsu protested, temporarily forgetting his pain to vigorously punch Gajeel in the shoulder before re-lapsing back into his former state of suffering and hunger.  

The teenagers were walking through the countryside of Fiore; surrounded by orchards, cattle, farm houses and rolling fields. The occasional car drove by but apart from that, they were completely alone in the middle of nowhere.

“Touché.” Gajeel weakly imitated stabbing with a sword, “But I’m still gonna kill you for suggesting we walk all the way from Magnolia to Crocus on the hottest day of summer!”

“Psssh,” Natsu dismissed, “This ain’t,” he puffed, holding up a finger, “nothing. The only one it’s really affecting is old ice freak!”

Gajeel and Natsu sniggered as they looked back at Gray who was practically crawling along the side of the road.

“You know what I’m thinking?” Gajeel raised an eyebrow.

“We should find food?”

Gajeel paused for a second, “Yeah, that, but also we should take pictures of him for blackmail.”

“Yosh!” The two grinned evilly and got out their phones, taking dozens of photos at the expense of the raven-haired boy.

“Okay about the food,” Gajeel turned to Natsu, “you have to steal it from that orchard.”

He pointed to a massive rolling hill, covered in the biggest orchard of apples Natsu had ever seen.

“Why do I have to do it?” Natsu complained, plopping down on the grass at the side of the road.

“Because I say so.” Gajeel crossed his arms and looked down at the boy condescendingly.

“Aaargghh.” Natsu rolled down the side of the road and towards the orchard, “Okay,” He huffed, “I’ll get some apples. Your majesty can wait here on his royal fat ass in the shade while I,” Natsu pointed at himself with a curled lip, “do all the work.”

“Why thank you, oh kind servant.” Gajeel sniggered and walked over to Gray, dragging him into the shade while they waited for Natsu to go get some apples.


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