Baby Raccoon Gets Rescued After 2 Days Trapped On Ledge
It happened at a newspaper office, which means this is one extremely well-documented animal rescue.

For these Canadian firefighters, there’s no job too big and no life too small.

Several of Toronto’s bravest pulled out all the stops to help rescue an adorable baby raccoon last week after it became stuck on a fourth-floor ledge of the Toronto Star building.

The tiny creature had been stranded on the building for two days before firefighters were called to assist in its rescue on Oct. 13. Prior to that, onlookers were hoping the critter, nicknamed Scoop, would safely climb down on its own, the Toronto Wildlife Centre told the Star.

“They can climb up brick walls. They’re natural-born climbers,” Toronto Wildlife spokesperson Vanessa Van Rhijn told the paper. “It can be more dangerous for a rescue crew to try and save it as it may startle the animal.”

Fire officials were eventually called in to assist, arriving with a cherry picker and a net in case Scoop fell.

One video, taken from inside the building, shows people cheering and applauding as they watch the nerve-wracking rescue, which ends with the raccoon being safely captured in a net.

Nathalie Karvonen, executive director of the Wildlife Centre, later told the paper that Scoop was malnourished when they recovered her, but they’re working to beef her up before performing a full exam. After that, they hope to release her back into the wild.




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