I haven’t done #filmfriday in a while but I thought I’d start back up because it’s Fall and who doesn’t love some spooky movies right now? This week I picked The Ninth Gate (1999), an occult thriller suitable for kicking off Autumn right. Johnny Depp stars as Dean Corso, an antique book dealer tasked with hunting down, and authenticating, three rare texts said to be written by the devil himself. The assignment leads Corso on a cryptic journey filled with murder and supernatural occurances. These events, paired with a haunting soundtrack, give the film a downright eerie atmosphere. I am particularly fond of The Ninth Gate because it combines a few of my favorite things: antique books, antique book stores, occult knowledge, and did I mention it oozes with symbolism! It’s pretty great. I should mention it’s a little drawn out but I don’t mind long movies and I kind of like feeling immersed in this one. Check it out and have a Happy Fall! 📽🍂 #theninthgate #filmfriday

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Thank you Hermes

So I know that many people say that when you find Pennies on the ground you should pick them up and thank Hermes. Two weeks ago I found two pennies just as I was giving up hope on this semester based on how it was going so far. I picked up one and left one on another table in Starbucks. I took my German exam: good grade, got all of my work done to a manageable size, received a raise at work, and many other wonderful things happened that week. This past week I found four pennies while talking about the Theoi particularly Hermes. I gave two to the girl I was talking about and kept two for myself. I told her to keep one and give one and something good may come of it. If not she got a penny. I gave my second penny to a friend having a terrible day, and sent a prayer that His week was better. When I spoke to him Friday he had apparently had a stellar week and was topping it off with a good drink. The girl I was speaking to felt calmer all week and her friend aced her Bio Chem exam (which she thought she failed.) It is days like these that I am more than thankful to the Theoi for not only making my life a little easier with small victories but also my friends’ lives in this difficult semester. I worship the Theoi not for gain but out of thanks for my life and They always go above and beyond showing me that my worship that goes to Them is warranted and valid.

i have had the most discouraging week ever but i picked my ass up and i did my yoga and pushups, i gave myself a fresh manicure, and i’m going out on a booze cruise with my work friends tomorrow in my fun flapper dress and goddammit, next week will be better so help me god

Informative Tumblr bookclub post.

I’m gonna explain how things are gonna work out in our bookclub thingy, okay? Okay.

First thing you have to do is fill out this application here, rb this post and follow me aka @hey-its-lei here on tumble dot com.

So, I’m gonna pick out around 10 people who seem cool and committed to keeping this up from the applications, make a groupchat with them, where we will do the interacting.

Every two weeks someone will be in charge of picking out a book (taking into consideration people’s triggers and such, of course!). It can be a book they love and want to share with the world, or one they want to discover. We’ll all read this book during these 2 weeks, and in the end of the two weeks we’ll have our “meeting”, where we’ll discuss the book, the things we loved and hated, etcetera.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a super-essay analysing every detail of the book! You could just send an “ashsjdjsjsjsjsjajs these two characters are my absolute otp fuCK ME UP????” and it will be considered a perfectly good input.

If you get tired of the bookclub (I totes understand) please don’t just stop being active! Contact me so we can make room for someone else who wants to participate. Also, there’s no problem if you can’t participate in all the meetings or read all the books, as long as you’re pretty active and willing to do it, you’re set!

So anyways, this is all, I look forward to all of you cool people’s applications!


In honor of the first day of BFRB Awareness Week, I made a powerpoint of an overview of Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs). Keep in mind that this is just an overview. 


TokyoGhoulWeek √2 || Day 1: Pride → Villains Day
↳ Tokyo Ghoul + Villain Archetypes 


Avatar Week 2015 // 10th Anniversary (Bonus) Day
 >> Dear…

Dear A:TLA,
Thank you for teaching me:
        The heart of JOY.
        The heaviness of LOSS.
        The pain of REGRET.
        The swell of PRIDE.
        The burden of HONOR.
        The hardship of SACRIFICE.
        The meaning of MERCY.
        The bonds of LOVE.