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#2747.Ganondorf, Bowser and Mewtwo have a villains club called the Nintendo Rouges Gallery. King Dedede, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings are regular members, while Meta Knight, Wario and Dark Pit visit every now and then, due to being anti-heroes. Assist Trophy villains, like Ghirahim and the Pac Man Ghosts, are only allowed by invitation. They often engage in friendly debates and have movie nights. They also pick out favorite villains from other genres. For example, their favorite Disney Villains are:  Ganondorf with Maleficent, Mewtwo with Scar and Bowser’s is a tie with Captain Hook and Pete.

Sofia the First Challenge
4 of 5 Characters → Cedric

Cedric: When I first got to school I couldn’t do the disappearo spell either. Or most of the other spells, come to think of it. But then my teacher taught me the sorcerer’s secret.

my tablet was away for repairs during witchsona week but like i’m gonna let a little detail like i’m a billion years late to the party keep me from joining in

i swear i didnt start out with the intention to make my outfit look way too much like the fe13 mage outfit but i DID start out with the intention to take the entire idea of my power source from the magic roundabout bc frick whatever people say that movie is awesome it doesn’t get better than moustache wizards ok


“I’m not afraid of you.”

The words escaped, hissed and angry, directed towards the dark, nearly pitch black end of the vacant street. They were but a lie, a lie uttered in absolute fear, though she clutched a nicely sharped knife within the pocket of her coat.

She was aware that she was trembling, and couldn’t help it.

Lyra was, after all, alone and facing something she had never faced before.

The wind howled, and for a city, it was strangely empty, even at this time of the night. She probably shouldn’t have been walking around in the nearly early morning hours, but curiosity had taken the better of her when she sensed the telltale nearly static-charge of power emit from the area.

Lyra knew, far too late, that she was in way over her head.

the marvel fandom has adopted this collective idea that anyone who likes loki automatically dismisses or justifies his past actions

this is a PSA that we can enjoy loki as an antagonistic villain while not condoning his actions

we can enjoy loki while fully recognizing the shit he’s done and the evil actions he’s committed

and it’s really sad that we have to preface any discussion about loki and how we enjoy him with “i’m not excusing his actions”


Hawkeye Annual #001