Icing has Bittynapped them All TwT whelp, finally posted it:Part 3.1 This was supposed to be the last part but i didn’t anticipate that part 3 of the comic would be long hahah😂 so now there’ll be like 2 more? huhu & it might be awhile for me to post them(I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m making this up as I go) Credits, Disclaimers belowww:
fell!Palette(Icing) & Palette @angexci
Goth @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
library!Goth @bunabelldraws
Gloom Pibby& ct!Goth @blogthegreatrouge
sadly, Cupcake aint in any of the panels TwT he’ll come later.

Comic Art & Pot!Eve by Me @butterflypea

Starter for Pibby

“Dwarf’s spore, eldritch grass, Fruit of Harmony…”

Zefri listed through the list of ingredients for his new theoretical potion. He wandered through the deep forest, trying to find the needed ingredients. The woods were only getting more dangerous as he travelled through. After all, if a treant -a guardian of the forest- warned an intruder that danger was ahead, you better have good life insurance.

Of course, through ego and actual justified reasons, Zefri was confident he’d be relatively safe, so he continued searching for the elusive herbs and fruit.

Travel log of Squeeks the Mimette: The gal named Pibby

In my travels to find my older brother Sixpence and bring him to justice for his crimes against Bip I encountered a .. rather odd person. She is ..I’m guessing my companion now.. I can’t really tell the poor thing no. .. not just literally..being a mime and all. But this girl is so unprepared and jumpy I couldn’t just leave her where I found her. I decided to start a travel log to tell of what I have to go through just because I’m related to that blubbering annoying stupid brother of mine.. bah! More on that later. 

I had been wandering around following the faint clues of where Six had been to find him. Basically find a place that hates mimes passionately. Once I find a place like that I know I’m on the right path.

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sutton foster talking about bunheads on good day LA

starter for the-little-wolf-girl

Zefri yawned as he wandered deeper into the woods then he was normally inclined to. He waved his hands and his magic pushed the thickets and branches back and to the side to allow him access to the deeper parts.

The purpose of this venture was an attempt to locate Pibby, and get more information about their children. She mentioned something about them but he didn’t quite hear her first time around and she didn’t stick around to repeat herself.

pibby  asked:

White, Grey, Black?

White - already answered

Grey (2 facts about my favorite things)

  1. Elmo’s birthday is February 3rd, but he is perpetually 3 ½ years old.
  2. In Farscape, the question of who killed Salis in ‘Durka Returns’, Chiana or Durka, is never answered in canon, but according to the actress who played Chiana, it was her.

Black (1 fact about the person I like)

  1. She’s younger than me
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jonathan groff IS sutton foster!


you want to be a bunhead huh?