Pianos Become The Teeth

Skate and Surf 2015 Playlist

  1. The Artist In The Ambulance - Thrice
  2. Stare At The Sun - Thrice
  3. Passing Through A Screen Door - The Wonder Years
  4. Came Out Swining - The Wonder Years
  5. Nerve - The Story So Far
  6. Framework - The Story So Far
  7. Six Shades of Sin - American Nightmare
  8. Tonight We Ride - American Nightmare
  9. The Fox, The Crow, And The Cookie - MeWithoutYou
  10. January 1979 - MeWithoutYou
  11. Go Down In History - Four Year Strong
  12. We All Float Down Here - Four Year Strong
  13. A Mile High - Souvenirs
  14. Gradient - Souvenirs
  15. I Don’t Mind - Defeater
  16. Bastards - Defeater
  17. Life In A Jar - Superheaven
  18. I’ve Been Bored - Superheaven
  19. Who’s Gonna Carry You Home? - Elder Brother
  20. Wish You Were Here (Ryan Adams cover) - Elder Brother
  21. The ‘59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem
  22. 1,000 - The Gaslight Anthem
  23. I can Feel A Hot One - Manchester Orchestra
  24. Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra
  25. Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms
  26. Flashlight - The Front Bottoms
  27. Floorboards - Real Friends
  28. Summer - Real Friends
  29. Broken Cash Machine - Modern Baseball
  30. Apartment - Modern Baseball
  31. April - Pianos Become The Teeth
  32. Repine - Pianos Become The Teeth
  33. Filthy Luck - Beach Slang
  34. Dirty Cigarettes - Beach Slang
I'll Get By
  • I'll Get By
  • Pianos Become The Teeth
  • The Lack Long After

It’s been a rough while and some days are worse than others,
there’s no proper way to feel, no mirth, no levity, no amazing grace,
just a flame on a lake floating away, 
I can’t let you lay, 
I want you to know, I’m learning patience against my will,
I want you to know, I’ll get by, always barely scraping
with just a hunger, with just a heart apart,
it’s a hell of a thing.

  • Hiding
  • Pianos Become The Teeth
  • Touche Amore/Pianos Become The Teeth

Pianos Become The Teeth - Hiding

“But the house gets so quiet 
Sitting here wishing for just an hour or two, alone with you
Well, it’s always too personal,
Always too close to comment.
They all mention how tired you look
And you realize you haven’t said a word in hours
Well, who’s hiding it?
Who the hell is hiding it?”