TJ Fuller is a Los Angeles resident, born in 1981. He is currently an animation director at Maker Studios. He is equally inspired by both nature and technology. Find more of his work on Tumblr as fullertj.

“For me, the computer is more than a tool for making art. It is a collaborator and a muse. The natural world’s place in this Digital Age is a source of contemplation for me, and my work reflects this. Ultimately, I believe, that technology is nature, and the division between the two will decay as this century progresses.”

- TJ Fuller


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Selected Works from The GIF Artists Collective

The GIF Artists Collective holds a monthly GIF challenge for the GIF Artists of Tumblr. Previous themes include ‘Glitch’, ‘Stripes’, and ‘Spooky’.

GIFs provided by: @michaelshillingburg, @wmill, @dodogifs, @abelmvada, @mildvibe69, @29thfloor, @sasj, @nickvdg, and @pi-slices.

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Ross McCampbell is a 25 year old who was born and raised in Salmon, Idaho. He currently works as a designer for HUSH Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Most of his personal work is either digital animation or ink illustration. You can find Ross on Tumblr as pencilarms.


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Damien Clarke is a GIF maker from Melbourne, Australia who posts under the name 12gon. All of his graphics are generated entirely by writing code, inputting vertex coordinates, animating values using different algorithms and choosing colours by typing in hex values. This is all done in a 2D/3D graphics library he wrote for a different purpose in an Adobe AIR app.


One of the number one things college student’s like to do after a late night out is grab some late night food. A popular place to eat is Tri Pi Pizzeria located 55 E Main St in Bloomsburg. This picture is what they are most known for. If you visit Tri Pi at 2 A.M. you’ll find half the customers in the restaurant are ordering or have ordered the infamous pretzellini. My favorite and go to pretzellini is the chicken bacon ranch. I don’t think I could ever get tired of it.

Along with their famous pretzellini’s, they also have pizza pies, pizza by the slice, a variety of appetizers, wraps, salads, and much more! Do not hesitate to stop in for a bite.

What’s your favorite pretzellini?


Featured Curator of the Week: Philip Intile [pi-slices]

Tyler Haywood aka angulargeometry currently lives and works in Los Angeles. He has been obsessed with creating art since he took a clay sculpture class when he was four years old. Tyler likes to make as much work as he can instead of filtering ideas and cornering himself in. Tyler began a weekly blog where he posted mainly still images and poster designs, but after being inspired by Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple’s daily work, he began creating and posting his work daily. He has been creating daily GIFs more more than 430 days and shows no signs of slowing down.