Unlike many Blaschka design drawings, this drawing does not have any written descriptions. Our conservator, Astrid van Giffen, was able to identify the names, and some model numbers, of these invertebrates by comparing them to Blaschka models in various worldwide collections.

Blaschka Nr. 218 (Rhizophysa filiformis), Blaschka Nr. unknown (Favonia octonema), Blaschka Nr. unknown (Cassiopea frondescens), Blaschka Nr. 211 (Physalia pelagica) 

CMGL 121785

 All drawings in the Fragile Legacy exhibition were crafted by Leopold Blaschka and his son, Rudolf, in Dresden, Germany. This drawing (made between 1863 and 1890) is held in the Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka Collection at the CMoG Rakow Research Library.