Photoshop Touch

“See, when I’m talking to girls, I develop an out-of-body consciousness, or unconsciousness. Everything means so much more. My posture, which is hopeless, gets a temporary lift as I arch my back. I can feel all my organs stacked in place and eyeball with pinpoint accuracy how far Christine’s leg is from mine, and when they touch just for a second I wonder if it’s her doing or my doing or chance. How can she not notice if our legs touch? How can she not notice my extremely unslick peripheral vision? How can she not notice my white socks, showing between my pants and shoes? (I have to fix that.)”

This drawing didn’t end up like I thought it would but well, whatever

The song “Touching My Hand” reminded me of this page from the Be More Chill book

                                        I will learn to survive.

So hype for The Evil Within 2 …..
I thought of an idea to draw all the designs (decline?) of Sebastian, and then made it into a little gif! Duran Duran is also one of my favorite bands of all time… so I couldn’t resist putting the lyrics in :) Can’t wait to see what happens in October to our fav Sad Dad Detective!!!


AKA THE OFFICE AU slash shitpost

Remember those moments in the Office where Dwight and Jim were playing pranks against each other? Yeah well imagine it happening but on a much larger scale. Everyone is against anyone and this time it’s Yuri (Plisetsky) vs. Viktor. For this certain prank to work tho is that Yuuri is both drunk and works far away/has a different job.