Sherlock ‘The empty hearse.’

My first fanart! It has been a while since I’ve drawn anything in Photoshop, and I’ve always sticked to drawing animals. So, it’s my first portrait ever! It took me about 11 hours to complete.
Because Damn! painting skin is so difficult! But I’m happy with the result!

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This is unbelievable! Steve received a mail with this photo a while ago from the great-granddaughter of his Brooklyn neighbour. The picture was taken around the year 1940 (or 1942?)
Oh! And the great-granddaughter even left us her phonenumber… *smirk*
>> my photoshop edit


Here is my entry for this month’s #CDChallenge for the #Maoriwarrior theme. I have no idea how I ended up making a chicken for this one. After doing a bunch of explorations of badass Maori warriors (humans), I did a small doodle of a chicken in a corner of a page and went ‘Yeeeeup’.  #lifechoices