Globetrotting Couple Shoots Stunning Portraits in Remote Landscapes

Victoria Yore and Terrence Drysdale are a couple made in photography heaven. The first is a beautiful model, the second a talented portrait, landscape, and travel photographer, and together they’ve created a series of wanderlust-inspiring images that are going viral.

Yore and Drysdale, 23 and 27, travel the world searching for remote and beautiful landscapes—be they in a US National Park or among the most-photographed locations in Iceland. The resulting images are part of a project they’re calling “Follow Me Away,” each photo showing Yore exploring a remote landscape in a beautiful dress.

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Future AU: Claire Bennet as a Rogue Operative

“It’s called the butterfly effect. You step on a butterfly today; three years from now a million people are wiped out.”

I’m starting to wonder if I’m even human anymore. Because if you can’t feel anything - do you still have a soul? Will I live forever? All of these questions, I just… I need to prove that I’m still alive. 

HeroesRPG Graphic Meme:

[2/2] Characters You Wish You Played: 

Thomas Graves, OC

Ability: Intangibility


Background: A former member of Britain’s military intelligence service, Thomas was let go after an op gone bad, where he was the only one to return alive, all due to his ability. He came to the States for a fresh start away from the home he could no longer stand, and he now freelances as an “obtainer of goods and information” for those who are willing to pay the right price.

FC: Richard Armitage