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So I’ve said this before; I’m a photographer from PA and here are some photos I took recently. I just cut my hair after years of saying I never would! I’m loving it so far and wanted to show you because I felt like we kinddddd of look similar. Haha taylorswift

Dreaming of NYC whilst we sit indoors escaping a wee Thunderstorm in the Pocono Mountains. Not the best weather for me Birthday but LOVE my IGC family who make it so special here in America. And the gorgeous Birthday wishes from NZ. So muj love ❤️ Photo: from NYC a month ago 📷 (at Pocono Mountains, PA)

Paeds ER Reflections

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I’ve been shadowing a paediatric doctor in the ER for a few days and have to say that the experience has totally opened my eyes. I, like a lot of people in my program, want to become a physician. Whether it was due to the SickKids infomercials that I watched as a child or the endless fascination with the human body, I’ve felt most at home in a medical setting. Many people hate everything to do with a hospital but I love it all. The pastel colours, smell of meds and sanitizer, and an army of doctors, technicians and nurses walking around makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger, more purposeful. However, the biggest discovery that I’ve made in these past few days is that no one does this job unless they absolutely love it. The hours are ridiculously long, leaving little time to eat or even sit down. When I’m in the ER, I’m on my feet the entire time because there’s just that much to do and see. Not every patient is cooperative or even grateful for the doctors’s and nurses’ help but they give each patient their 100% anyway. Being a doctor is so much more than wearing a white coat and adding a few initials to the end of your name. It’s a passion, a lifestyle. You give up time for yourself and for your family because you’ll never finish your shift on time. You make do with munching on granola bars because eating your lasagna will take too long. There will always be more patients than doctors and you’ll have to be able to set your priorities. And amid all of this, you have to be able to take out a few moments of happiness, for your sanity. 

So now, I no longer look at experiences that I have with the thought, “ How will this help me get into med school?” but instead, I think, “ How will this make me a better doctor?” Because that’s what this is all about. 



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