First Communion? Graduation? Something Else? SCAN4691 by Danny Higgins
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A lovely girl all dressed in white with a vail & scroll. A cabinet card from the “Sandy Lake Album.” Photo by S. A. McIntire, Sandy Lake, PA. No other info on card.

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REBEL ARMS is a LEGACY COMPANY the FOUNDER of REBEL’s father has been a Gunsmith and FFL holder since the 1970’s .. This photo is from that small shop in upstate PA.
Some of us few come from Law Enforcement and Military families, we are based in Pennsylvanian and have had three generations of small business owners here, we have a strong passion for weapons, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. We love our RIGHT to BARE ARMS and the SECOND AMENDMENT. We love our fellow American and we are just blue collar guys who love to hit the range on the weekend, train and shop around for the cheapest ammo just like you. We have spent several years trying our best to partner with other great small manufacturers, recruit the most talented employees and good people that we can find to help support our Team. We hope that we have not let down any of our existing customers and have served you, our Team of Rebels, to the best of our ability. 🇺🇸 It has been brought to our attention more than once that our weapons line is over priced, we don’t feel like it is due to the difficulty of this small business, regulations, licensing fees, taxes and paying a decent wage to our small Team. Although some things won’t change we will continue our best to reduce prices, have sales and come out with more affordable models. We appreciate every single one of you and back you 100%. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our weapons, and that won’t change. We are here for you. There’s a lot more we want to share about Team Rebel and the growth of our company, who’s helped us, and what our individual backgrounds are. We will be getting more personal over the rest of this year! God Bless, Team Underdog, Team REBEL.
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Career and Education. 2006
Noong nangangarap pa ako maging seryosong Photo Journalist. From old Flickr Acct.
2006 Recto/Mendiola Manila Philippines.

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