my pretty friends: come on let’s take a group photo

me: no thanks, i’m ugly

my pretty friends: omg no ur so cute!

me: …okay if you say so

me in the photo:

[TRANS] Cnetz Happy Camp reactions

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 天塌下来当被子盖-11 | Requested post

OP: Yang Yang, Wu Yifan, William Chan and Zhang Han are all not the best at variety, but this episode of Happy Camp had long-awaited humorous parts and less boring parts, the whole atmosphere was fresh due to them being adorkable and working hard, perhaps due to the fact that these few people aren’t pretentious or try to steal the spotlight. The four wearing simple white shirts standing in a line, their styles are different, in my mind there were only four simple words “beautiful scene on earth”. All the pettiness and conflicts, get lost.

[+251] To tell the truth today’s Happy Camp let me see Zhang Han in a whole new light, my positive feelings rose for Yang Yang whom I wasn’t familiar with before, William is a person I’ve always admired, of course there’s the Wu Yifan whom I love more and more. Each of them are different, yet when they stand together and sit together there’s a surprising sense of coherence, maybe when you put beautiful things together they will always be nice to admire! [heart]

[+184] This episode really can’t eat any more harmonious and carefree, no one trying to steal the spotlight, no chance for hatred. During the segment of the glue running track, Dengdeng waited for Miemie many times, even returning Miemie’s sticker to him by his own choice, really showcased how much of a gentleman he is, and Miemie also accepted the kindness of others easily, not pretentious, feels like he’s a straightforward and truthful person, they’re both great. Wu Yifan standing is just a scene too beautiful to look at, Zhang Han feels like the type of person that’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside, he’s pretty considerate of others.

[+164] The four are all great, as a Wu Yifan fan, I feel like Fanfan’s interactions with the other few handsome guys are all pretty warm, really like all of them~

[+172] This episode is really a great long awaited episode, the four standing in their white shirts in a line felt like first love, the whole episode wasn’t boring or cringeworthy at all, when I watched it I felt so comfortable, this episode’s director deserves a thumbs up!

[+168] Roommate: Wu Yifan is so handsome ah ah I need to change my profile photo
Me: My goodness Yang Yang, my Bao Yu pretty much melted!
Roommate: Ah ah ah Zhang Han!
Me: Well crap William Chan is so handsome I wanna cry!
~~~unlimited rewind~~~

[+145] I’m a Yang Yan fan here! Also like William Chan! Before this I didn’t know much about Tangzhu (t/n - literally means ‘boss of the fish pond’, referring to Zhang Han), but after watching The Four I felt like he’s pretty cute, today when I watched him sink in the glue on the variety I thought he was quite cute, and then my understanding of Wu Yifan was 0, before this because of certain fans I had some misconceptions of him, but today I discovered that he’s so adorable…… he’s so serious while he’s cute, I really like his handwriting I’m being serious [doge] [miao]

[+137] 4444444 (4=shi=yes) It’s been a very long time since I didn’t watch Happy Camp without cringing, the whole process of watching I was laughing, Yang yang is really dumb and sweet, William Chan is very gentlemanly, Wu Yifan is still that black hole [laugh cry] what surprised me the most was Tangzhu!!! Warm man he is!!! To girls and to Yang Yang he took care of them so well my positive feelings for him really went zoom zoom zoom @ friend, after you watch it you’ll understand that your friend is not a delusional fan

[+125] This episode was so pleasing on the eyes! The four of them were all great okay! The only thing lacking was that there wasn’t enough to watch! Actually Happy Camp should be simple and sincere like this! [heart] These four people will do better and better in the future [heart] Fans of each of them please protect them well [heart]

[+134] Today because of Wu Yifan, my positive feelings towards the others also rose vertically [kiss] all four were great [kiss] and all handsome

[+115] The four are all celebrities that work very hard. Although the entertainment circle is complicated, but the four that concentrates on doing well in their work, believe that their future will be even better!

[+110] Just felt like it was too short, Zhang Han wearing Lao Wu’s outfit is quite okay, that outfit was alright as well, William Chan cutting so much from the shirt he must have regretted so much hahahaha. Yang Yang’s beauty was eye-catching, so pale he was emitting light, his features are so so nice

[+105] The last time I watched Happy Camp was 800 years ago, today I went to watch it and my positive feelings for all of them doubled. Especially Zhang Han, during the promotional period of The Four, his way of handling many things made me admire him a lot, including how he takes care of Yang Yang. At the same time, Yang Yang also feels a sense of respect and protection towards this big brother. When he sees a reporter being harsh towards Zhang Han, his actions made me see the innocence and kindness of a boy born after 1990

[+108] As a Fan-fan, really think that the four are all great

[+103] I’ve said a long time ago that Wu Yifan is a big boy radiating positive energy, he never tries to appeal to the masses or is too loud, really sunshine really real really brace, he’s the boy in white in my dreams.

[+96] The four were all very handsome, but a good variety needs the cooperation of every single person, so I am thankful towards them and the effort that the staff put in, giving the audience an exciting show. Also hope that the fans can fight less and instead promote them more.

[+88] OP you took the words right out of my mouth. No fighting no snatching [thumbs up] Tonight we will not pick fights. Each of them are great in their own right

If Tumblr Existed in Fallout

*Crouching behind cover hiding from raiders*

phone: BZZT

Tumblr: You have been tagged in a photo

Me: oh my god looking at this fucking dog hOLy shIT ITS SO CUTE

Raider: what the fuck was that


Raider: ??????????????????????????????????????