Oxford DNB article: Dickens, Charles John Huffam

The Inimitable: hb Charles Dickens, born #otd (7 Feb.) 1812!

(Yes, he really did refer to himself as ‘The Inimitable’.)

To celebrate Charles’s birthday, the DNB has their entry on his life FREE open-access today: read the short version of everything you want to know about Dickens, his family and, er, Dickensian upbringing, and his later rise as perhaps the first international superstar [HERE].

Then, look around for some great Dickens quotes – no shortage of those:

When he had walked on the river’s brink in the peaceful moonlight for some half an hour, he put his hand in his breast and tenderly took out the handful of roses. Perhaps he put them to his heart, perhaps he put them to his lips, but certainly he bent down on the shore and gently launched them on the flowing river. Pale and unreal in the moonlight, the river floated them away.[…]

While the flowers, pale and unreal in the moonlight, floated away upon the river; and thus do greater things that once were in our breasts, and near our hearts, flow from us to the eternal seas.

[–Little Dorrit (1855-7), ch. 28]

[above portrait: photograph (1858) by Watkins, © NPG]


Are you ready for tonight’s big game, ‘cause it looks like these guys are! No matter who you’re rooting for in Super Bowl 50, here’s hoping you have your chicken wings ready and chip-to-dip ratio sorted out as the Broncos and Panthers prepare to take the field.

Photo credits: Photographs from the Records & ephemera of Hercules Inc., CHF Archives.

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