Photographing the soul


we all want and need real love. it’s that simple. we want to be appreciated, supported, comforted, excited, challenged…we all want someone to be ‘our person’…to be there for us no matter the tide, to not give up on us on our worse day, and to be see us on our best. someone to grow with, to strengthen our weaknesses, someone to be our team mate. but through all of the adventures and discoveries, we want and we need, but seldom do many of us give the same in return. no one communicates transparently and somethings go amiss. 

i want to be a team player, i don’t know it all but i will be 100% for the union and all the work it takes.
"The Day Casey Died" by iamgabbymartinezzz
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I had to submit this to a Photo Competition, immediately, because the contest is called “Lens Flare”. If this isn’t perfect for that, I don’t know anything in this world. Casey, I love you and I hope this photo I took in your room the day you died captures your beautifully, bright soul. When its time to vote fellow bloggers, I will post again, and you can participate I believe.

“This is the room of a 19 year old girl, who was tragically killed in a car crash, less than 24 hours before this photograph. It was January 6, 2016. Her name was Casey (Giannone) @casey-jpeg , and she had such a bright soul. I wanted to go to her room and find peace, and when all her friends left the space, I took out my camera, because I wanted to capture who Casey was. I think I did. I love you, Casey.”