Created in February 2014, it has now been a year since I made these images. While my style and subject of photography has become more refined in the genre of landscapes, the conceptual, yet very real nature of these curious pieces continues to inspire myself to create photographs of fascination and story telling.

Freddie Ardley Photography

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Hello my name is Jeff Cabella,

I am a self taught photographer…an autodidact,

I’ve always been passionate about photography and I love travelling.

I live in Paris, where I practice street photography, mostly in black and white.

In contrast, I create my color photographs usually away on travel.

In both bodies of work I try to capture and picture what constitutes the essential part of a country, a place, a situation or an event.


Title: Motherland Chronicles

Synopsis: A collaborative artbook project by Zhang Jingna and Tobias Kwan. This book documents over 100 illustrations and photographs, creating a visual narrative and exploring a fantasy world through painting and photography. 

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Snow Flowers, 2015

Instant film print, Polaroid Land 240

Since the moment my high school sweet-heart gifted me a Polaroid Sx-70 for Christmas, I’ve been committed to photography and the many possibilities there are for shooting.I consider myself a documentary photographer who likes to wander off and find new and interesting people and places to photograph and share with the world. Aside from doing documentary work, I love to photography anything and everything that makes me curious, that inspires me, and that I feel is just plain lovely. Lately I have primarily been shooting with my Nikon D300, which I’ve had for five years. As far as technicality goes, I don’t like to use too much equipment, just my camera and my imagination.