How to Make a Ghost of a Poet:

i. Give him his words and take away his voice. Make him chase his muse into the thirst of Tartaros, parch him with your memory.

ii. Leave your thumbprints on the trigger of his heart. Laugh as their battle lines start to fade, like a crime scene committed in a hotel room where the air was thick with the sweat of wanting more.

iii. Look at him with that light in your eyes, tell him the name of a road that leads to home. He will travel down the veins in your eyes, searching for pomegranates.

iv. Make him apologize for falling in love, make him apologize for feeling human again. You never cared about what I deserve. You never cared about what I deserve.

v. Write someone else’s name on his gravestone. That way, the love will almost reach him.

vi. Pretend it wasn’t a crime scene, then take the nearest exit home.

vii. I’m sorry for Room 2429; I just wanted to love you better.

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