“Season one was all about the sensates getting to know what it meant to be a sensate. Now that we know more how to visit and share and we’re gaining control over it, we are together a lot, so the choreography is interesting.[…] Especially when all eight of us are in a scene, it’s very interesting to make sure we’re all doing the right thing and facing the right way, finding our light and not blocking anyone out. To see the way it all comes together in editing always blows my mind.” - Jamie Clayton


Do you remember this photoshoot ? Because I fucking do. They’re so boyfriend material here


hello all i would like to introduce you to chapter one of mark our shapes, a fic i wrote that’s about sombra and mccree being terrible roommates. 

it’s got everything: a slowburn friendship plot, discussions of past trauma, the matrix, hangovers, and sombra not cleaning the damn dishes

it’ll update about twice a week, thank u for reading and have a great day