The streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
usually they’re peaceful like when I took this, not too busy lots of tourists. It’s refreshing to go and hear people speaking English after being surrounded by only Spanish lol.
Anyway, I love all the architecture here, and the over all ambiance of this calm and beautiful city.


THE BAMBOO HUNTERS #2 – Looking for The Tender Shoots to Make a Tasty Meal by Okinawa Soba

Ca.1890s Large format photograph by an unknown Japanese photographer.

This is another rare SALT PRINT from a world long gone. No emulsion, No baryta layer, and No coatings of any kind – the photographic image being saturated directly into the fibers of the fragile paper.

Perhaps the paper was salted by dipping it in a bucket of sea water during the summer months. The sliver nitrate was brushed on the paper and dried before sandwiching it with a huge glass negative. It was then printed under the sun for 10 minutes to half-an-hour as the above image slowly appeared on the paper.

Fixed, washed, dried, hand-tinted, done.

Praha,  Česká republika


1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Sport Coupe by coconv