Protests in Charlotte, Atlanta after release of police shooting video

Protests sparked up again in Charlotte and now in Atlanta, GA. The wife of Keith Scott released a video of the scene today which went viral and renewed the now 4 days of protests in downtown Charlotte over the shooting and killing of Keith Scott by Charlotte police officer Brentley Vinson.

(Photos: Mike Blake/Reuters, Gerry Broome/AP, Branden Camp/AP, Mike Blake/Reuters [2], Branden Camp/AP, Jason Miczek/Reuters)


See more images from the protests on Yahoo News.


Leonardo DiCaprio & The Nature of Reality: Crash Course Philosophy #4

Today Hank gains insight from that most philosophical of figures… Leonardo DiCaprio. In this episode, we’re talking about the process of philosophical discovery and questioning the relationship between appearance and reality by taking a look at Plato’s famous Myth of the Cave. All with a little help from our good pal Leo.

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