Photo of the Night

now that i’ve had a full hour to collect myself and my heartbeat is finally back to normal, i wanted to lay out what we learned this episode + some miscellaneous thoughts:

  • jake and rosa were in jail for eight weeks
  • jake realized he wanted to marry amy on april 28th (which is basically a national holiday now sorry i don’t make the rules)
  • that means he may have possibly bought the ring before going to prison. 
    • was it one of the things he had to surrender before being jailed? or was it hidden in the apartment this whole time, unbeknownst to amy?
  • if he hadn’t gone to prison, when would he have proposed?
  • he spent all his time in jail planning the heist and his proposal! it was what kept him going! “everything’s fine, i’m talking to you” has taken on a whole new meaning! i’m fine!!!!!
  • did he look at the photos of amy beside his prison bunk every night and imagine the moment he would finally propose?
  • did he think about proposing to her every time she visited? did he think there was a chance he wouldn’t get to ask her for another 15 years?
  • i ‘M F I N E