Not to inception my own screencaps here, but this little exchange is, I think, worth a second look. We have someone invoking the old, old tale of the “Louis’ sisters might deny larry because they are too young to know”

But this raises other questions, such as: if Daisy doesn’t know larry is real, how is that Phoebe, her twin, knows enough to post an old pic of Freddie to “shade” the “stunt”?* If Daisy doesn’t know that larry is real, does she believe Freddie is her nephew? If Daisy doesn’t know Larry is real, how did they explain to her how Harry is always over at the family home, spending Christmas and celebrating the family birthday parties for Louis with them instead of with Louis’ other friends?

If either of the twins don’t know that Freddie isn’t their nephew, then that MUST mean that Louis is telling them that Freddie is their nephew - Daisy HELD him in the picture she posted. So is Louis lying to them?

And as ever, why is Louis going to the effort of sending signs to Larries about things he hasn’t even shared with the rest of his family?

*operating under the assumption that the two are related, which I am learning not everyone believes!

A series of tweets from bogiperson on Twitter which reads:

“can someone explain why all of a sudden everyone is leaving out the I from LBGTQIA -> LBGTQA? most intersex people are in favor of including

(if you need a citation for that, there is some data about acronym preferences for US intersex adults in Contesting Intersex)

and the whole “let’s exclude the I from the acronym” was afaik started by non-intersex parents of intersex children and is purely anti-queer

and if you are in the SFF community specifically - i do not know a SINGLE intersex person in SFF who wants to be excluded from the acronym.”