You’re a mutant at Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters and when your mutation activated your mind split several times, giving you multiple split personality disorder. Each of your personalities has a completely different mutant ability, making it very difficult for you to gain control. One of the ways that others can tell if your personalities have shifted is your eyes change (see third gif). Only the originial, dominant personality can control all of the abilities making you a class five. Unfortunately that personality is dormant at the moment due to severe torture and illegal experiments that were done to you after your parents, unable to deal with you and your mental health issues, threw you into a shady mental institute. When not your original self your strongest abilitiy is only about as strong as Bobby/Iceman. Both Charles/ Professor X and Erik/Magneto are fighting for “contol” over you. At least one of your personalities agrees with Magneto’s creed another with Charles. But most of your personalities just want to be free to be yourselves. Most of the time however you stay near Charles as he is one of the very few that can help you keep your fractured mind together.

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You know what’s a real pain? Like a lot of times I’ll see my parents make fun of me or like call me a girl to get on my nerves and I just get so frustrated because there’s nothing I can do? It isn’t my fault? It sucks so bad because if I was born the way I should’ve been then they’d respect me but because I was born with the wrong set of genitalia my parents can’t take me fucking seriously and it’s not my fault? So why do I feel so bad

"Mom’s going to kill us.”

George Weasley ~ Harry Potter

You are pregnant, fam.

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Written by: Head Honcho

Reader: Female

Warning: Teen pregnancy

A/N: Order of Phoneix time frame when the twins are in their last year, also idk if there is a difference on how wizards find out they’re pregnant ant muggles/humans do… so I just went with the good ol’ test.


Order of Phoneix Headquarters
Beginning of Christmas Holiday

You bury your face in your hands as you sit on the edge of the bathtub. The literal fate of the rest of your life is resting on the three sticks sitting on top of the basin of the sink.

You take a glance at your watch and let out a deep breath. There is still two minutes left and you’re dying inside. All the thoughts on how this will affect your future along with George’s… don’t forget the timing of it too.

Your thoughts get cut off by the bathroom door flinging open.

“Ron!” You shout.

“Oh… sorry.” Ron awkwardly apologizes, eyes snapping from the basin to you then he slams the door close. You can feel your heart pounding against your chest.

Living Room Area

You plop back down on your spot on the couch next to your lovely red-headed boyfriend. He wraps his arm around you, pecking your forehead causing a smile to appear on your face.

Once you hear him go back to the conversation, you take a glance over at Ron. He raises his eyebrows, silently asking, you nod. His eyes light up and he looks over at his older brother, a different kind of feeling when he sees him talking.

He turns back to you, mouthing a ‘congratulations’ in which you smile at him. Your focus gets snapped back to George when he squeezes your thigh, signaling you to join the conversation.

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I had a fun time in the rain

I saw some children playing a game
All of a sudden things went wrong
One child said, you are weak…
But I am strong!

Why do People fight?
Why do people cheat?
Why do people destroy
The love in our world?

I want to give my life for them
I know it won’t be easy my friend
If I can show them God’s love
They will receive joy and peace
From above.

Lyrics of the first ever song written by River when he was 6 years old, according to his mom, Heart Phoenix. 


“But the fire of the Phoenix burns through lies, you understand? The gaze of the Phoenix is like an x-ray tearing through every self-deception. So burn, Emma!”

“If even one more person died at my hands…It’s better this way. Quick. Clean. Final. I love you, Scott. A part of me will always be with you.”

“I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever — I am Phoenix!”

-Jean Grey  (chris claremont)