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there's only a few male mc posts here (that i could find) and they're all so sad! so like, what if when in the intro 7 says 'it's a girl' as a joke and male mc just goes along with it and then they meet him in their various timelines and surprised to see he's a guy how do they react?

We try to make them gender neutral, but as we’re all girls we tend to lean towards more feminine imagines but we genuinely try


  • Yoosung walks up into this party with a fucking bandage around his eye, and a sweet ass speech prepared
  • He’s seriously up there like,
  • ”Yo, there’s this one girl that’s my everything and I love her.”
  • And he hears Seven cough and point and BAM it’s a dude
  • Yoosung internally is just like fuck my life
  • “JK guys MC is actually a dude lmao he’s still my life tho.”
  • Kid is a m e s s
  • He’s still going in for that kiss though, he’s risked too much to wimp out because you’re a guy.
  • Who cares if you’re a guy anyway? You’re still the kind, funny, supportive MC that you were in the chat


  • Well doesn’t Zen just feel like a right ass
  • You can co back in any chat with Zen and see him calling you ‘princess’ or talking about how a woman like you shouldn’t have to go through this shit
  • But nope he runs into the bombed up apartment and there is a really hot dude being held captive by Unknown
  • Zen still saves you and takes you back to his apartment and you’re explaining to him that you went along with it because you really liked Zen and you didn’t want to ruin everything by telling him you were a guy
  • “MC you being a guy, while it’s a shock, changes nothing. I still love you.”
  • Of course he’s still reprocessing everything, kind of like how he didn’t realize you were a guy when he heard your voice over the phone
  • He kind of feels stupid but either way you’re here, and safe, and real
  • That’s all that matters to him


  • Jaehee is so ready to start this coffee shop with her awesome new best friend to find out you are a man
  • This changes a few things but hey, you’re still MC this is gonna be great!
  • She is just as oblivious as always and doesn’t realizes any of your romantic intentions until months, and months, and months later


  • He’s ready to fire each and every security guard working for him when he sees a random man has appeared in his house
  • And hen he hears your voice and it all clicks that you’re MC
  • Does Jumin Han is gay? Yes, yes he does.
  • Honestly he does not care
  • You’re the only person that has made him feel this way, and he doesn’t want to lose you
  • I was extremely interesting to see everything with Sarah transpire, how mad she got when she saw Jumin kissing you
  • You’re everything Jumin could ever ask for and he prays that you’ll stay with him


  • HaCkEr In ThE cHaT
  • He looks you up and damn you’re hot but also, you’re stiLL A HACKER
  • He tells everyone you’re a girl because why not? You’ll deny it anyway.
  • And then you don’t?
  • He calls you later and confronts you and you’re just laughing about it and God, Seven is dead
  • He’s fallen in love after one day
  • F r ic k


Not Dead Yet (Part 35)

*I know this is late. May has been a hellish month. Stupid %$#@$!$ basement flooding twice and scheduling errors at work messing up my routine. UGH! Glad this month is almost over. Have a nice long chapter for your incredible patience. New update to follow shortly! Love ya!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: langauge

When we got back to Neverland we landed right in the middle of camp and nearly crushed Ben. “Hey boys,” I let go of the cart, “Take what you need.”

The boys swarmed the cart and took the things they needed. I quickly grabbed my own things and set them down in an open place to set up my tent. I took my change of clothes and went to find a secluded pond to soak in. What I would love was a hot bath to help with the soreness in my abdomen but as far as I knew there weren’t any hot springs on Neverland.

I was feeling a little better after my soak and washing away the layer of dried sweat and other bodily fluids. I slipped on my fresh clothes and headed back to camp. Seeing all the tents back up was a welcome sight. After everything that’s happened to camp and the boys it was nice to see things return to some kind of normalcy.

When I got back to where I sat my supplies I was surprised to see my tent had been set up. Candace was outside in a carefully crafted nest and chirped happily when she saw me. I scratched the top of her head and crawled inside my tent. It was then I saw a piece of parchment resting on my cot. I picked it up and smiled at the wonderfully drawn picture.

While the evening was still young I wasn’t up for sitting around the fire or dancing with the others. I also didn’t want to risk the chance of running into Peter. Not to say I was embarrassed or anything I just know how much libido a boy can have and didn’t want to get cornered by him so soon. For the remainder of the night I stayed in my tent playing with Candace instead until I finally fell asleep.

If I thought sleep would help I was completely wrong, if anything when I woke up in the morning I felt even worse. It reminded me of when I first came to Neverland and how my muscles weighed down after days of training. Why must my body betray me this way?

It was early in the morning and the boys were still asleep. Good. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I walked down to the beach and stretched my belly out on the warm sand. This feels nice.

“How the hell can you get up this early every morning?” So much for my pleasant morning.

“Hello,” I gave a pat to the sand next to me, “Come to mock my early morning routine once more?”

“Well it’s the only time you’re ever truly alone.” Peter sat down next to me, “Is there a reason you’re lying face down in the sand?”

“Because I can?”

“You’re sore, aren’t you?”

“Damn it all…” I muttered, “Yes, I am. What of it?”

“You should have just said so.” he rolled me over and laid his hand over my stomach, “Could have done this yesterday if you hadn’t avoided me.”

“Avoid is a strong word.”

“Yet it is what you did.” the ache started to fade, “I’m not mad just a tad disappointed that you would automatically assume I would, one, force you to have sex with me, and two, do it so soon after you lost your virginity. I have slept with literally dozens of women, a lot of them virgins, I know what they go through physically after it happens.”

“Man you really are a whore.”


“Sorry. Thanks for the consideration, truly, but I really don’t want to hear about how many naive virgins and drunken barmaids you’ve had sex with.”

“Figured.” he pulled his hand away, “I just want you to know that this doesn’t change anything between us. I don’t want you to feel like you have to avoid me because of what you asked me to do. That’s the whole reason you wanted to do it in the first place.”

“Well I wouldn’t say the whole reason.” I smirked at him. The tips of his ears burned red. “Didn’t understand that from yesterday did you? I would have thought the signs were obvious.”

“Oh my little Lost Girl,” he ran a hand through my hair, “You unravel me.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“That remains to be seen.” He pulled me closer with a cheeky grin. His gaze left mine to focus on something over my shoulder. “Someone’s watching us.”


“Your pet.”

I looked behind me to see Candace flitting closer towards us. How had she followed me out here? She hopped onto my lap and began chirping at me. “Hello darling, why are you out here?” I scratched the top of her head.

“It’s very attached to you.”

“Her name’s Candace.”

“You named your phoenix Candace?”

“Well what would you name it?” Why is everyone so critical over her name?

“I don’t know something more deserving of an immortal phoenix like…the Neverbird.”

“Do you just name everything after Neverland?”

“It’s a good name.”

“It’s a title not a name.”

“Candace the Neverbird.”

“Is Candace the phoenix just not mystical enough for you?”

“My island, my rules.”

“My bird, my name.”

“I’m calling it the Neverbird.”

“You’re an idiot.” I picked up Candace and stood up. “I think she’s hungry, I’m going to go find her some food.”

“I’m gonna catch a couple more winks.” Peter reclined back on the sand and closed his eyes. “I have to go out and start collecting boys later.”

“Finally, some new blood to instill fear into.” He peeked an eye open at me, “What?”

“I knew there was a reason I liked you. Do you wanna come?”

“You want me to come with you to find new boys? Haven’t we spent enough time together recently?”

“There’s never enough time with you. Also more specifically we’ll be finding the boy that’s going to save my life. So?”

“As fun as that sounds I think I’ll sit this one out. There are things to do here.”

“Suit yourself.” he closed his eyes again and I left into the jungle to find Candace some food.

As much fun as roaming the realms and finding new boys would be I needed some space from Peter. I feel like everywhere I turn he’s there. I need some time away from the boys in general. I love them like brothers but it can all be a bit much. I’m as rough and tumble as the next boy, even more so in some cases, but I am also still a girl. There was a part of me that hated some of the jokes they made or their lack of sanitary habits.

If I am being honest with myself it was more than that. Being the only girl on the island can get frustrating. I’ve never been friends with girls, not even before Neverland. It was always just me and the boys. I never even knew my own mother. Would I even get along with girls? Can I even consider myself one after all these years without any interaction with another?

“At least I have you, huh?” I lifted Candace to my shoulder, “I’m not seeing any berries around here. Let’s try someplace else.”

I trekked further into the jungle searching for a berry bush until I finally found a grove of them near the far side of Dead Man’s Peak. “Here you go,” I picked some and held them up for Candace to eat, “You’re looking bigger already. How fast do you age? Maybe Peter would know we’ll ask him later.”

When I got back I was only slightly disappointed to see he had disappeared from the island. He wouldn’t return till late in the night I was sure. I dropped Candace back at my tent and by now everyone was awake and getting ready for training. I had been slacking on my training lately and stuck with Felix for some real challenge.

“Come on Y/N,” Felix sighed, “I thought you were a tad better than this.”

“Just a bit off this morning.” I refused to admit I was rusty. Rusty meant clumsy and clumsy meant death in a real fight.

We started again and I got some of my prowess back but took a few more hits and falls than I should have allowed. Training last late and I was dripping with sweat by the end. Most of the boys were too and we decided to take a quick dip to cool off.

“This is nice,” I floated back on the pond.

“Yeah,” Devin floated next to me, “Until someone does something like this.” Devin launched himself at me and dunked me under the water. I pulled him down with me. Why can’t we have a swim without it turning into a brawl? So is the life of a Lost Girl I suppose.

We thrashed about in the water for a bit having some good fun. Devin had me in a lock and the other boys came over to pester me while I was subdued. I thrashed even harder trying to break free when a loud noise like a needle to the ear pierced the air. Devin dropped me to clamp his hands over his ears. I looked to find the source of the noise and saw it was Candace. She had followed me again. I quickly swam to the shore and tried to shut her up. Once she saw me she quieted down.

“What the hell was that?!” Toodles asked. The others looked at me accusingly.

“I didn’t do this.” Candace kept chirping until I picked her up. “She must have thought I was in trouble.”

“We were horsing around. Is your rat with wings that dumb?”

“Don’t insult her, she can’t tell the difference. She only saw me struggling.” I gave her another soothing pet. “It’s sweet.”

“No, it is dangerous.” Toodles said and there was a murmur of agreement from the others.

“This is madness. She’s just a little bird that wanted to protect me. She’ll learn.”

“I don’t know why Pan lets you keep it.” Billy sneered.

“I would have thought that much was obvious.” Devin pulled himself onto the bank next to me, “Pan and her are sleep–”

I pushed him back in the water before he could say another word. I don’t know if he was kidding or if he somehow actually knew but I wasn’t going to let him implant the idea in the other’s minds. “You all are so paranoid. Why wouldn’t we want an all powerful immortal phoenix on our side? She’s not even fully grown and her screech discombobulated you all within seconds. She’s valuable and Peter recognizes this, that is why she stays. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to dry off and get something to eat. Bring your torches and pitchforks if you want to rebel against our leader’s wishes.”

Without another word I grabbed my things and sauntered back to camp. The boys did have a point though. Candace was still only a baby right now and she was already capable of a lot. I’m going to need to keep a better watch on her if I don’t want to lose her.

I grabbed some food and started wandering around the island. Maybe I should leave. A pleasant day trip to some far off realm with no boys. That sounded marvelous right now. To do that I would need a bean though and the harvest was under twenty four hour watch now that we had the pirates to worry about. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen them in a while, I wonder what they’re up to. Not curious enough to bother heading to the coast to find their ship but curious nonetheless. By the end of the day I had found myself reclining high in Peter’s Thinking Tree and watching the glimmer of the sea in the last rays of the evening sun. Candace had flown off somewhere the higher I had climbed and hadn’t returned.

This is so boring. Hopefully a new face around here will liven things up. I let out a yawn and fell asleep on the large bough of the towering tree. In the morning I woke up and nearly fell from my precipitous bed. I got my bearing about me and went back to camp. There was a new face milling about with the others but all I could think of was how my back ached from sleeping so awkwardly on the hard tree.

“What’s a lady doin ‘ere?” the new boy pointed to me accusingly.

“Trust us,” Nick slung an arm over my shoulder, “She’s no lady.”

“And I can break your head open like an egg with one hit.” I grabbed Nick’s spear and gave it an effortless twirl in my hand, “Suffice to say, don’t try anything.”

The young fool turned as white as a sheet and backed away slowly. Smart move.

“Must you cause so much trouble so early?” Ben approached from where the new boy had fled.

“I was simply telling him how things are around here. If one is to thrive on Neverland then they need thick skin.” I rubbed at my stiff neck. “Benny boy, know anything about easing a sore neck?”

“Sorry no.” he shrugged.

“Great.” I grumbled and collapsed back in my tent while the others headed to training for the morning. Candace chirped happily at me when she saw I had returned. She supposedly has healing abilities but I doubt they could help with the ache running down my spine. Why does my body hate me so?

Candace, annoyed by her lack of attention, pecked at my feet and ankles. “Bugger off,” I shooed her away, “Let me get some rest.”

She continued to peck and peck until it got to be too much. “What is your problem?” I shouted back as I went to push her away again but noticed she wasn’t the one that had just poked me.

“Hello to you too?” Peter quirked an eyebrow up at me.

“What do you want?” I fell back against my cot with a thud.

“Why aren’t you at training?”



“Not from that.” I glared at him. “I slept in a tree and now my back hurts.”

“My silly little pet,” he squeezed into the tent next to me, “Want me to help?”

“Sure,” I rolled over so I was laying on my stomach.

I was expecting the usual ado where he placed a hand on my back or wherever I was hurting and his magic cleared up the ache but that’s not what he did this time. He did place his hands on my back but he was rubbing it instead. It felt good and was relieving some tension so I didn’t bother asking why he was doing this instead of using magic.

I felt myself relax more as he kneaded my back, shoulders, and neck. I let out a sigh of contentment and rolled back so I was facing up. I hadn’t realized it before but he had been straddling me the entire time and now I was trapped beneath him. The last time I was in this position flew across my mind and my heart missed a beat. The same thought must have entered Peter’s mind because he began running a hand down my side.

We couldn’t do it here, could we? All the boys are at training right now…no one would be back for another hour or two at least. Without realizing it I had been sliding my hands against his thighs straddled on either side of me. I gave him a smile and he returned it with his own salacious grin.

I was less weary this time when he bent down to kiss my neck. I let out a soft sigh and stretched my neck so he could get to it easier. He pulled back for a moment to rid me of my shirt. He studied my body much in the same way he did the first time. He poked my side and I winced. “Where’d did all the bruises come from, pet?”

“I took a few lumps training with Felix the other day.”

“Clumsy, Lost Girl, very clumsy.” he murmured as his face hovered over my abdomen, “Want me to kiss it better?”

“Shove off,” I sat up and pushed his face away, “Do you always have to be such a prat?”

“You wouldn’t have me any other way.” he wrapped my legs around his waist, “Speaking of having me…”

“Bite me,” I rolled my eyes. He smirked wider before biting down hard on the space between my neck and shoulder. “Ow! I didn’t mean literally!”

“Oops,” he shrugged innocently, “I was just complying to the wish of my Lost Girl.”

“Cheeky prat.”

“Sticks and stones pet,” he pressed against me kissing me hard.

As I was starting to roll Peter’s shirt off the sound of someone milling about the camp made me freeze. “Someone’s out there.” I whispered in a panicked voice.

“They’ll go away,” he whispered back claiming my lips again.

“Y/N, are you here?” I recognized Nick’s voice, “The new kid wants to try fighting you.”

“They’re looking for me,” I warned him but my pleas fell on deaf ears, “they’re gonna realize I’m in my tent.”

“They will if you keep talking.”

The footsteps got closer. “Y/N, are you still sleeping?” Nick called again.

Peter shook his head at me.

“Trying to,” Peter frowned at my response, “What do you want?”

“The new kid thinks you’ll be an easy win and wants to fight you. Wanna prove him wrong?”

“Not right now,”

“Come on, you’re already awake.” I could make out his shadow outside the tent.

“No!” I blurted, “I–I’m not dressed. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Okay…? I’ll wait out here for you to get ready.” his shadow left and his footsteps receded.

I let out a breath of relief. Peter was glaring at me. “Why?”

“He was about to barge in on us.” I stressed.

“No he wasn’t. If you wouldn’t have answered he would have left.”

“You can’t be sure of that.”

“Fine, next time I won’t let you slip away though.” he rolled off me so that I could get dressed again and leave.

“Just so you know,” I turned back to him, “I’m disappointed too.”

He was still frowning but there was a playful glint to his eyes. I closed the space and pressed a kiss to the bottom of his jaw. “Come by in a bit if you want to watch me break the new kid in.”

Taking down the new kid took a whole of five seconds. He stammered about how he wasn’t ready and demanded a rematch. Again and again I slammed him into the ground. Both with weapons, only him with a weapon, hand-to-hand, I even allowed the idiot to choose one of the boys so it was two to one. Each time he went down with ease.

The new boy groaned on the ground. “Come on kid, give it up already.”

“N-No…” he pushed himself to his feet, wincing as he did so. “I’m not a kid. I wanna go again.”

“Please,” I shoved him gently and he staggered back, “You are weak, you can’t defend yourself from the simplest attack, your movements resemble that of a dying warthog and you are as dumb as the ocean is deep. But you have tenacity. A real stubbornness. I can respect that.”

“Huh?” he looked at me confused.

“Don’t act so oblivious. You’re one of us now. We’ll turn you into a proper Lost Boy yet.” I held out a hand, “What’s your name?”

He glanced between me and my hand repeatedly before grasping it tightly in his own. “I’m Rufio.”

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Power Rangers: Diamond (Seventeen!Power Rangers AU) Season 2 Character Introductions

2 years ago, an alien empire invaded the Earth and the only thing capable of stopping them was a team of superpowered teenagers known as The Power Rangers.  Now that the Earth has been saved, the rangers moved on with their lives.  However, it seems that a team of archaeologists have discovered something in an ancient cave system that threatens all of humanity, and the Diamond Rangers have to return to service to protect the world once more


The team’s esteemed leader and taekwondo expert, gifted with the power of the wind


The team’s resident tech geek and shy, yet noble warrior gifted with the power of water


Flirty greaseball and animal lover, currently studying to become a vet. Gifted with the power of light


Complete nerd trash and the heart of the team, hoping to become a comic book writer. Gifted with the power of earth


Gymnastics expert and rising model, currently modeling a new cosmetics brand. Gifted with the power of fire


Martial arts prodigy and most experienced member of the team, gifted with the power of ice


Younger brother of Seungcheol and former evil ranger that managed to overcome the dark spirit within him, now gifted with the power of shadows

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i don't know if you're still taking prompts but: someone kidnaps phoenix to get mystic maya to do something for them. shenanigans ensue, including at least one instance of [edgeworth voice] WHOM


Maya “why do I always have to get mad for you” Fey is FUCKING PISSED. This is the wrong kind of extortion and maya is an AGGRESSIVE chaotic neutral when it comes down to it. she rounds up pearls and marches down to the city like she’s told.

they have a key to nick’s apartment but break in anyway because fun. anyway. this is the base of operations. they scare the shit out of trucy when she gets home from school.

[Maya voice] trucy take pearly and call your dad
[trucy voice] uh
[Maya voice] miles.
[trucy voice] ah.

Maya was expecting a swift response but edgeworth kicked the door open about ten minutes later. the air smells like salt. Maya files away the fact that edgeworth eats eldoon’s.

[miles voice] they already found-?
[Maya voice] not me this time. nick.
[miles voice] WHOM.

mystic maya is supposed to put her ~~spirit power~~ into this like. weird object of magic mass destruction or something. who knows. [evil magistrate laugh] u can’t imagine the scope of my plan HAHAHAHA

[Maya voice] ……okay……

so she’s kind of waiting around for instructions because these people apparently don’t understand the Swift Force of Righteous Anger???? gumshoe is already canvassing the city, like???? where is the integrity.

eventually the ~kidnappers~ call again, but its interrupted… there’s a lot of background noise that almost sounds like-

[Athena voice but she’s just yelling obscenities and beating people up really loudly]

Maya gets hung up on.

text from Simon: detention center.
text from Simon: do I even want to know.

Miles has already leapt into his sports car and the others are hot on his trail.

(as it turns out, whoever replaced Roland is also literally The Worst and rents out one of the detention center holding cells to anybody with $20 a day.

[phoenix voice] aren’t I worth thirty at least???)

((you might think they were there for a case but…. no. it’s a good thing Athena finally got picked up by the fashion police lmao))

Scorpio (sun)

Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto and is represented by a Scorpion or Eagle. These are strong representations of the Scorpio; Scorpios are all about concentration and power. They are like a pool that is small in width but almost endless in depth; you could fall into them, underestimating how deep they are. It's universally understood that these are people who are different.

Scorpio is a feminine sign; there is something romantic and sweet about these people, which is contrasting to the reputation that they uphold. I do not dispute that Scorpios are intense - they have a lot going on inside, but they’re not all cloaks and daggers, secrets and hidden agendas.

Because things can become so overwhelmingly dark for them, they cherish the relaxed moments in their lives and not giving a damn what others think, which is essentially what they work towards. I think all Scorpios have “phases” in their lives and transformations that they go through in order to achieve the best version of themselves. While Capricorns represent death, they represent the process of dying and the afterlife. It’s that planetary effect; in Greek mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld.  

The transitions that Scorpios go through are painful for them, but like the mystical Phoenix bird, Scorpios will always be reborn from the ashes. They have an inner, unwavering strength and resilience - these aren’t the kind of people you want to fuck with. They’ve suffered so much internally that they have learned to become strong. Perhaps this inner strength is why bad luck tends to follow them like a dark shadow.

The thing with Scorpios is that they do not disregard or try to avoid the darker side of life. These are the kind of people who would try to swim to the bottom of the ocean to see how deep it goes; they’re always testing their limits and they’re not afraid to go where no one else will. Sometimes this behaviour can become self-destructive, but in a way they need to break themselves apart to know their own inner-workings and how to put themselves back together.

Even though they’re passionate, they are also pretty laid-back people at the same time. They understand that life can be ugly and, in this sense, can be very accepting people. You will feel like you can divulge any kind of information about yourself to your Scorpio, and that they will accept and understand it. They’re probably the best people to go to if you’ve murdered someone; as long as you have a good enough reason, they’ll help cover it up. Scorpios do not see the world black and white, they understand those incredibly murky grey areas better than anyone. 

And this is an incredible quality about them; Scorpios rarely feel the need to pretend to be anything but who they are and this attracts many people to them. They have this magnetic energy, no matter what kind of person they are. They can seem meek and shy or sexy and aloof - in either case, people will be watching them from afar, wondering about their lives.

They have a need to control which can be suffocating when you’re close to them. When I say “control”, it’s not usually other people as much as it’s themselves. With Mars influencing them, they can see the world like a battlefield much like an Aries, but instead of fearing physical conflict, they fear psychic ones. They put so much value in the power of their minds, they can become fearful of people trying to take that independence from them. They can be overprotective of their vulnerable side and as a result come off as cold and untouchable. It can also make them critical of people who do not meet their high standards. 

There is literally so much to say about this sign and still so much more to discover. Very much like onions, they have a lot of layers and the more you peel back, the more it makes you cry…(stupid joke, I’m sorry.) Scorpio’s are strong, emotionally understanding, controlling, powerful…there are so many words to describe them, but they all vary as individuals, no two Scorpios are alike. They have amazing qualities just as they have terrifying ones. One thing I can attest to is that a Scorpio is the kind of person you want having you back; if you’re a true friend or lover to a Scorpio, there is nothing they won’t do for the people they love.

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Power Rangers Diamond (Seventeen!Power Rangers AU) Season Finale

Characters: Seungcheol, Joshua, Mingyu, Jeonghan, Jun, Minghao, Vernon, Woozi, Seungkwan, Wonwoo

Rating: PG-13 (Language,violence. TW for suicide… I guess?)

Word Count:3952

Summary: The Rangers infiltrate Woozi’s ship and have their final standoff with him and the Black Ranger

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Zodiacs As Lush Bath Bombs

Aries - Fizzbanger: A bath bomb with a toffee apple scent

Taurus - Tisty Toasty: A flowery bath bomb

Gemini - Sakura: A cherry blossom bath bomb 

Cancer - Twilight: A calming bath bomb

Leo - Rose Queen: A rosey bath bomb

Virgo - Think Pink: A relaxing floral bath bomb

Libra - Love Locket: A romantic bath bomb 

Scorpio - Sex Bomb: A sensual bath bomb

Sagittarius - Dragon’s Egg: A citrusy gold bath bomb 

Capricorn - Avobath: A fresh morning bath bomb 

Aquarius - Phoenix Rising: A mystical shimmering bath bomb

Pisces - Big Blue: An ocean seaweed bath bomb

Power Rangers: Diamond (Seventeen/Power Rangers!AU) Episode 2

Characters: Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu, Jun, kinda Irene (Red Velvet) and a bit of Woozi (Hoshi’s there too if you squint through trifocals)

Rating: PG-13 (again mostly for language)

Word Count: 2215

Summary: The boys decide to ditch the gems they found in the cave, but discover that they’re more than just some strange rocks


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Chapter 1: The underworld starts to attack and Pit fights them

Chapter 2: Pit fights an underworld general with conan the barbarian

Chapter 3: Pit fights a three headed dragon

Chapter 4: Goes to an island covered in grim reapers with laser eyes?

Chapter 5: Pit trips out on some gnarly LSD. So gnarly that his reflection in the mirror becomes a person

Chapter 6: Pit tries to punch his reflection. gets in a cool cool robot bu the robot is defeated by a 5 foot ledge

Chapter 7: Pit beats up a flamboyantly gay demon in his cool underwater castle

Chapter 8: Pit goes to space and beats up space pirates?

Chapter 9: Pit fights the final boss! Actual final boss comes and laughs at you.

Chapter 10: Pit travels through a volcano and kills a phoenix for a mystical item that ends up not existing. hades laughs at you.

Chapter 11: The godness of nature gets sick of these assholes and starts dropping nukes. lots of people actually die.

Chapter 12:  Pit blows up a nuke making factory.

Chapter 13: Pit goes to the MOON. The moon shoots lasers.

Chapter 14: Pit fights a lighting lady in a lightning temple and is finally happy that things are going back to standard fair.

Chapter 15: ALIENS

Chapter 16: Pit exterminates an alien fleet

Chapter 17: Pit exterminates an alien race and is happy that he can go back to trying to fight hades

Chapter 18: Pit wakes up in the future and takes over the body of Conan and beats himself up

Chapter 19: Pits travels up a really big tower and steals lightning horses from some old dude

Chapter 20: Pit fights EVIL Palutena. I don’t want to talk about this chapter because I almost no-death’d it on my first try but then I shot Palutena to death before the game even got to the dialoge that tells you to NOT shoot Palutena and it counted as a gameover and I got mad.

Chapter 21: Pit goes to HELL and his wings turn into FRIED CHICKEN

Chapter 22: Pit in the mirror fights a fireball who turns into a hot chick and unfries Pit’s Wings and then embarrasses himself infront of everyone and ruins his edgy motif

Chapter 23: Pit tries to fight the final boss but hades just eats pit. Pit shoots Hades’ heart but hades doesn’t care. Hades laughs at you.

Chapter 24: BOSS RUSH

Chapter 25: Pit beats the bad guy. And you give the game a 90+ score on metacritic

In the Forest of Sleep

A face full of messy hair rolls over and looks at you with a sleepy daze, you tell her, “Good morning beautiful.”  With no response but a little smirk on her lips, she’s not fully come back from her dreams.

Last night she rode a mystical phoenix and conjured spells throughout a misty forest in her own personal kingdom of sleep.

She finds herself to be less of what she is in her dreams than in reality, strong.

She rolls around in the covers, ”A little more sleep, just a few more minutes.’ Not ready to leave her dreamland where she can be anything, a Queen of the Forest, rather than a tired college student just trying to make it by. 

She often jokes about how ‘ she’s been tired half her life.’

You let her rest  for a bit longer then a few minutes because it’s a rainy Saturday morning, perfect for a little more sleep.