So like I headcanon that Phoenix gets kinda jacked during the seven year gap because he needs some way to let out the excess stress and anger and it devolved into him getting into a fight on the street while one half of his family watches in horror and the other half (mainly Kay) cheers him on and is inspired by him. The reason behind the fight was most likely probably and definitely someone insulting his hat.

it was the hat he wasn’t gonna take that without a fight

pewycert  asked:

Do me!(Phoenix)

Phoenix Wright? You got it!

  • favorite thing about them:
    The fact that despite his beautiful dichotomy of silliness and seriousness, he does do his job effectively in the wacky universe he’s given, and at the end of the day, he’s a loyal friend.
  • least favorite thing about them:
    Phoenix please communicate your intentions to your friends more often so they stop screaming at you.
  • shipping:
    Phoenix/a decent night’s rest tbh
  • random headcanon:
    His mom is Japanese and divorced his dad on good terms cause she found out she’s a big lesbian
  • unpopular opinion:
    I think shipping him with Miles is kinda overplayed, ya’ll should ship him with other characters (as long as they aren’t his kids)
  • song i associate with them:
    I don’t have any outside of his theme, but sometimes I listen to his theme music and cry if that counts because he’s just a huge sweetheart
  • favorite picture of them:

it took a while to find but


I was inspired by @vernyal ‘s Phoenix/Miles fusion post  and I decided to do some drawings with her designs

I know the fusion’s lower arms are always crossed but the idea of a 4X desk slam was too funny not to doodle.

Also my sib looked over my shoulder when I was drawing this, saw the four eyes, four arms, and fangs, and promptly dubbed them “Spider-Lawyer”

cabbageofdestiny  asked:

Ship giveaway thing: Kristoph/Phoenix :)

Did someone say Kristoph/Phoenix? I approve.

My personal requisite for this pairing to exist in canon is before Wright gets into that faux-jaded hobo-persona. He probably knows Kristoph is a corrupted defence attorney and might get into his saviour-complex in order to “save” Kristoph like he did Edgeworth. Wright also takes note of some similarities he has to Dahlia, such as their paranoid methods of covering up their tracks, an underlying dislike of Wright, and a charming demeanour. I think given Wright’s experiences, he might feel like he can indirectly “save” them if he gets close with Kristoph. Plus, this combination of having similarities to both Edgeworth and Dahlia is probably enough to spur on some kind of attraction that tints his view of Kristoph. Whether or not Kristoph acts on Wright’s alleged feelings, or is even aware of them, is debatable. Either way, at the end of the day, when naivety becomes maturity, Wright learns to be much more wary of people, valuing his true friendships with Maya and Edgeworth, and figuring out what it means to be a father.

Or- I ship Wright and the loss of innocence =)