straight best friend

from one friend to another, to let him know that you’ll be by his side no matter what may come, that you love him, and always have - not in a romantic way, of course, not that you’re opposed to the idea, but you’re not gay and he’s got a thing for your other best friend anyway, and that’s entirely besides the point you’re trying to make with this mixtape you threw in his mailbox at 4am in your drunken stupor

listen to it here (yt) or here (pm)! // lyrics under the cut

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 Pick 10 Characters from 10 fandoms and tag 10 people to pass the curse do the same.

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a lawyer with a secret crush on the lawyer he’s up against

Family movie time commission for @caromellarts! This took a while to finish because of such a busy month, but I’m glad it still turned out well! 

EDIT: Please do not repost this, edit or use as your icon whatsoever! I would usually allow it with permission and credit, but this is a Commission and I would like everyone to respect that this is also partially my client’s property. Thank you very much!