Show that Attorney’s Gem.

Letting go (again XD) some of the old official ace attorney merch along with some rare & limited ones!

  • AA6 DLC WAA trio badge (9 USD) [BOUGHT]
  • AA6 Phoenix Wright Badge (8 USD) [BOUGHT]
  • AA6 Maya Fey Badge (8 USD)
  • AA6 Ema Skye Badge (8 USD)
  • AA6 Athena Cykes Badge (8 USD)
  • AA6 Nahyuta Sahdmadhi Badge (7 USD)
  • AA6 Rayfa Padma Khurain Badge (7 USD)
  • AA6 Ahlbi Urgaid Badge (5 USD)
  • [RARE!] Pixiv Zingaro Maya Fey Badge (10 USD) [BOUGHT]
  • [RARE!] Pixiv Zingaro Simon Blackquill Badge (10 USD)[RESERVED]
  • [RARE!] Pixiv Zingaro Franziska Von Karma Badge (10 USD)
  • [RARE!] Pixiv Zingaro Godot Badge (9 USD)
  • [RARE!] Pixiv Zingaro Miles VS Phoenix Badge (11 USD)
  • [RARE!] Replica card of the AA EPOS card (5 USD) [UNDER DISCUSSION]
  • Ahlbi Urgaid Shiki Board (1 USD)
  • Gaspen Payne Shikishi Board (1 USD)

Payment is through paypal! Ordinary shipping is flat 5 USD! (Except if you buy 3+ items) Message me if interested! Signal boosts are appreciated!

Hey, here’s a useless fun fact:

The American cover of JFA is the only one to feature grey, diagonal stripes in the background of the character portraits. All other games with character portraits have a solid white background.

Another interesting thing to note is that this game is the only one to have the main character that the game is named after (in this case, Phoenix) smiling. This only applies to the English versions, as the Japanese titles don’t specify any character.