Этого фотосета мы ждали почти два месяца и были безумно рады осенней поездке к Кей. Снимали поздним вечером, в безлюдном месте и наша работа затянулась на несколько часов, до самой полуночи) Очень долго пытались разводить огонь, но в результате получался один только дым, от которого задыхались и фотограф и ассистент.
Самым приятным моментом было избавиться от доспехов и молота, которые мы частично оставили на месте фотосета и во всех ближайших мусорниках.

Fandom: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien “Silmarillion”
Character: Sauron, Melkor (Phobs art)
Cosplayer: Hilde, Plysha
Photo by Kei

“The Seven Princes”; a series of fairytale notes by Phobs

Art & story & original text: melkorwashere / phobso

Translation: maidofthedevilmansion

Editing the translation and mise-en-page: me

This is basically a collection of translated posts from various sources about Phobs’ OC’s. maidofthedevilmansion and I thought you might like to read it. Phobs, if you’re reading this and you want me to take it down, don’t hesitate to ask. We sent you a few messages but they were probably eaten.

Anyway, from this point on the text is by Phobs. We own nothing. Please don’t repost this, and make sure any reblogs include the credit.

The third son. Him and the fourth are brothers.

The seven sons of the king were born of his wives, six of which he received as “gifts” the six rulers of the lands he had conquered. The third prince is descended from the Lords of the Sands, so named by the invaders because they were first encountered while trying to cross the desert. His people rule the sultanate on the banks of the eastern sea.

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Today is Tolkien Reading Day so it’s perfect date to show you results of my Sauron cosplay! I was wearing it on Fantasy Festival Pyrkon last weekend and it’s based on Numenor Sauron designed by Phobs
t wasn’t hard to made but give me lots of fun and wearing it was even better <3 In the hostel where I was staying with friends while festival was really nice staircase so we made small photoshoot - nothing great but good enough for me at the moment! Soon I hope to be able to have another, better photoshoot.
Photos by Midoriko
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