Philosophy of Engineering

Midheavens- Sign on the Tenth House Cusp.

Aries- Law enforcement/forces/Protecting vulnerable people/anything active that causes adrenaline.

Taurus- Finance/economics/business/gardening/conservation. Then on the other hand, anything creative such as writing/art.

Gemini-  Creativity/Humour/Languages/Communications/Media/Journalism.

Cancer-  Healing/psychology/creativity/vulnerable people/children.

Leo-  Could go into entertainment, theatre, working with vulnerable people, law, humanitarianism.

Virgo- Any serving job/healthcare/assisting/something where patience and care is needed.

Libra- Law/mediating/communications/creativity/aesthetics.

Scorpio- Psychology/Criminology/researcher/journalism/therapy.

Sagittarius- Teaching/Comedy/philosophy/science/researcher.

Capricorn- Business/economics/politics/finance/collective causes.

Aquarius-  Science, engineering, philosophy, politics, humanitarianism, law, yet they can also seek unusual status paths in life.

Pisces-  Metaphysical/healing/spiritual practices. Or anything creative actually.

Expectations can kill a simple man

Does Kuhn’s story of the exemplar mechanism apply as well to engineering as it applies to pure science? Interestingly, in an article entitled ‘The Essential Tension’ in a book of the same title, Kuhn himself suggested not. In so doing, Kuhn inverted common stereotypes of scientists and engineers. The common stereotype of the pure scientist is a kind of Einstein figure, wildly intelligent and unconventional, full of new ideas that come from nowhere. The common stereotype of the engineer is rather different, of someone earnest and hard-working, but much more intellectually conservative. Kuhn proposed that the truth has in a way to be the opposite of this, because it is the pure scientist who can very often afford to be intellectually conservative and it is the engineer who must sometimes be unconventional. The reason the scientist can afford to be conservative is because she gets to choose her own problems. So she can use the exemplar mechanism as a mechanism of problem selection. She can choose new problems which seem to her to be similar to the problem that she has already solved, so she can afford to be conservative in the techniques that she applies to solve those new problems. Engineers, by contrast, have their problems imposed from without, as argued earlier. So they have no reason to suppose that the problems they have to solve will be all that similar to the problems they have already solved. It is therefore the engineer who may have to be more adventurous, and more of an intellectual opportunist. The exemplar mechanism will have less force and power for the engineer, therefore, than for the pure scientist. And we might expect that the dramatic contrast that Kuhn finds between normal and revolutionary science is considerably attenuated in the case of engineering, in part because, if Kuhn’s suggestion is along the right lines then ‘normal’ engineering is more revolutionary and ‘revolutionary’ engineering more normal than those periods are in pure science.
—  Peter Lipton, Engineering and Truth

One Man – Two Engines.

As chance would have it, customer Uwe W. got engines manufactured by Jens Zeitke in both his Mercedes-AMG vehicles. Reason enough to invite him and his son to Affalterbach and have a nice day. Of course, they arrived in style – in Uwe’s SLS AMG. – Mercedes-Benz

mollinosis  asked:

Bismuth mentioned spires are places for "important thinkers to think in". Do you think Gems are interested in philosophy? What's your interpretation of that line?

Philosophy, but also research, engineering, and development. Given the Roaming Eye achieves FTL travel by generating a miniature black hole, Gems aren’t exactly sloppy in the science department. 

This does suggest something interesting about the purposes of spires, though, since we seem to see them in several colors- the Lunar Sea Spire is Blue Diamond’s, but there’s the very pink Sky Spire in Giant Woman that we didn’t really explore much of, and seemingly there were going to have been a lot more of them according to Peridot in It Could Have Been Great. Heck, the Lunar Sanctum itself looks to be a spire.

So seemingly Spires are kind of civilization hubs with multiple uses- if I had to guess, large public spaces primarily used by the upper class. I’d imagine they would generally contain things like libraries, possibly classrooms or lecture halls- Gems may emerge fully-formed but they don’t really seem to have much in the way of instinctual knowledge. So they might be a bit comparable to a particularly nice university campus, which would explain why Pearl- who’s such an enthusiast of the sciences, was gushing over the Sea Spire in its day. This would also fit with her calling it an “oasis” because just generally from my experiences with college, campuses often put focus on comfort and recreation as well as teaching. 

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