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Ever want to ask a real life astronaut a question? Here’s your chance!

Astronaut Jeanette Epps will be taking your questions in an Answer Time session on Friday, May 5 from 10am - 11am ET here on NASA’s Tumblr. See the questions she’s answered by visiting!

NASA astronaut Jeanette J. Epps (Ph.D.) was selected as an astronaut in 2009. She has been assigned to her first spaceflight, which is scheduled to launch in May 2018. Her training included scientific and technical briefings, intensive instruction in International Space Station systems, spacewalk training, robotics, T‐38 flight training and wilderness survival training.

Before becoming an astronaut, Epps worked as a Technical Intelligence Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Born in Syracuse, New York. Enjoys traveling, reading, running, mentoring, scuba diving and family.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from LeMoyne College, as well as a Master of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland. 

Follow Jeanette on Twitter at @Astro_Jeanette and follow NASA on Tumblr for your regular dose of space.

[3/100 days of productivity]

september 28th, 11:54pm.

today was a super busy (and productive!) day. I worked on my research project in the morning, had class, went bouldering with a friend, and then had a meeting for work and a meeting for capstone. in the evening I worked on my power systems lab and finally figured out what I was doing wrong in my calculations the other day! now I’m just finishing up a reading for my philosophy class and then it’s off to bed for me. all in all a very productive and busy day and I’m just plain happy right now.

i hope all you rays of sunshine are doing well, working hard, and taking care of yourselves <3

Midheavens- Sign on the Tenth House Cusp.

Aries- Law enforcement/forces/Protecting vulnerable people/anything active that causes adrenaline.

Taurus- Finance/economics/business/gardening/conservation. Then on the other hand, anything creative such as writing/art.

Gemini-  Creativity/Humour/Languages/Communications/Media/Journalism.

Cancer-  Healing/psychology/creativity/vulnerable people/children.

Leo-  Could go into entertainment, theatre, working with vulnerable people, law, humanitarianism.

Virgo- Any serving job/healthcare/assisting/something where patience and care is needed.

Libra- Law/mediating/communications/creativity/aesthetics.

Scorpio- Psychology/Criminology/researcher/journalism/therapy.

Sagittarius- Teaching/Comedy/philosophy/science/researcher.

Capricorn- Business/economics/politics/finance/collective causes.

Aquarius-  Science, engineering, philosophy, politics, humanitarianism, law, yet they can also seek unusual status paths in life.

Pisces-  Metaphysical/healing/spiritual practices. Or anything creative actually.

Hellsing Opinions No One Asked For (3)

I’ve been thinking recently about what would happen after Integra dies.

A lot of this hinges on my belief that Aucards participation in Hellsing is Voluntary, that he in fact helped Found the o
Organization, and that he has a hell of a lot More Restraint and forethought than anyone gives him credit for.

We can imagine Hellsing acts pest control, taking out the monsters that are dangerous, that have a body count that they know about. A monster leaves five dead at a nightclub? Hellsing will come a-knocking.

The remaining monsters will be more cautious, more quiet, more considerate of disturbing the local hunting grounds. Especially since if Hellsing comes around, it’s bad business for every non-human in the area, so monsters are incentivised not to make ripples and to… encourage their peers to do the same.

Part of the job of pest control isn’t just to kill infestations, but to relocate things that are inconvenient, but don’t have to be dangerous to humans. Take for example a beehive or a bear. Animal control are far more likely to relocate those creatures than to outright kill them. I imagine Hellsing (With Alucard and later Seras as their diplomat) does this a lot, establishing boundaries for creatures who have lived as citizens of Britain for decades or centuries.

((As background, I take inspiration for this cautious approach from Abraham, who was all about being un-intrusive in the life of Lucy at the beginning, rather than going straight for the ‘search and destroy’ thing. And I get an overall merciful vibe from him, anyways. I think he’s a kind but strong-willed man. I bet Alucard admired that about him.))

So after Integra dies, that leaves Alucard and Seras probably as the heads of Hellsing. Who knows, the monarch might even grant Alucard the surname, title, and lands that come with 'van Helsing’, since he’s basically Integras bloodfamily depending on interpretation.

That makes him a 600 year old vampire in charge of a paramilitary group with probably no fewer than twelve doctorates in a variety of things ranging from philosophy to aeronautical engineering (“The SR71 Blackbird…”).

And if you think he hadn’t been making Connections with all those monsters throughout the UK, you’d be dead wrong. He’s a noble through and through. All nobles Do is connect. Networking, baby!! I bet he’s buddy buddy with both the fae queens, and has allies and servants in both courts. He probably has servants, thralls, cults, and more throughout the nation. He just doesn’t do anything with them cuz he’s doing his own thing right now.

As soon as Integra dies, he would mourn, and take off his vacation gear (let’s face it Hellsing is like a vacation for him–someone else feeds him, houses him, protects him, and all he has to do in return is hunt stuff, which is basically his hobby anyways.) and start putting all of his Connections to work doing whatever he wants to do.

What would Alucard want to do? Well, for 300 years he just kinda… managed. He watched over a small patch of land in a small country and did a little bit of logistic work and that’s it.

I imagine he’s ready for a bit more proactivity this time.

Hunting, while fun, cannot be indefinite. When the thrill of hunting has worn off a bit (people are like popcorn to him at this point) Hunters often turn to another very important thing: game management. Hunters in real life know how important it is to have properly enforced, well managed tracts of land where game animals can live and breed unimpeded.

That’s right. I think Alucard would become like a kind of lawful neutral/evil game warden, managing with the Games’ consent.

Weird, but it makes sense to me. I might come back to this later.


Some things can’t be mass-produced.

Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine.

From the beginning, the “One Man, One Engine” philosophy has guided Mercedes-AMG’s approach to manufacturing. Even now, every Mercedes-AMG and Pagani engine is hand built from start to finish by one Mercedes-AMG master engine builder in a special facility.

As the final step in the assembly process, the engine builder affixes a plaque engraved with his signature to the engine cover. It’s an enduring reminder that even the heart of an Mercedes-AMG and Pagani has a heart and soul.

Thank you very much to all the customers, AMG, Pagani and Mercedes-Benz fans worldwide that share the passion and love for my work here on Instagram. It is a mental feeling for me to see your support! You are the best!
Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach.
Driving Performance is our Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz and Exclusive Partner for Pagani Automobili.
Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

The Neverending Struggle
  • Me in a science class: That's cool.
  • ...this is the predominant theory? Is there an alternative theory? How did they arrive at that theory? Were there any dead ends on their road to discovery? Could you write a story about this? Would this make a nice painting? Does this have any philosophical implications? Could you use this in a different field? Now you're just using fancy formulas to sound smart, aren't you? I could write a song about this! This book needs more pictures. Could you prove this with anything other than maths? Are there different types of logic? Could aliens deduce this differently? Yeah, you've proven it, but could you go deeper? I mean, what does this really mean? Yeah, but what if ...
  • ...argh, this needs more culture and sophistication! There aren't enough violins and globes and profound existential questions and stuff!
  • Me in a humanities class: That's cool.
  • you have ten theories about how to define a word? Ten scholars have written about this metaphysical theory we aren't completely sure is even its own field? Okay, now you're just making stuff up. Could you actually prove this? Isn't this just conjecture? This book needs more logic. This theory needs some solid ground to stand on. Could you prove this with maths? Now you're just using fancy words to sound smart, aren't you? How many books can you write about this book? Didn't you just say this was an outdated idea? Why are you going deeper when you haven't even proven it yet? How many different phrases with slightly different meanings are you going to use? I mean, what does this really mean? Yeah, but what if...
  • ...argh, this needs more precision and logic! There aren't enough proofs and experiments and profound universal questions and stuff!

The Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) was a period in Imperial Chinese history that succeeded the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period and preceded the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty. It is divided into two equally long periods: The Northern Song (960 - 1127), in which they ruled most of central China and the capital was Bianjeng (now Kaifeng), and The Southern Song (1127 - 1279), in which the northern lands were lost to the Jin Dynasty and the capital was moved to Lin’an (now Hangzhou).

Under the Song Dynasty, Chinese culture flourished. The visual arts, philosophy, music, and literature reached great advancements, and due to the heightened amount of printing, there was an enhancement in literacy. Song officials underwent longer educations and stricter examinations than ever before, resulting in higher general education. Even during the Southern Song, in which much of the land had been lost and the Dynasty had been weakened, they managed to bolster their economy and protect themselves against the Jin Dynasty, fx by the establishment of the first permanent Chinese navy and the first use of gunpowder in history. 

During the Song Dynasty unity was preserved, and China rose to become the richest, most skilled and most populated country in the world. The growth in population (doubled from the 10th to the 11th century) was made possible by abundant food surplusses from the expanded rice cultivation. The social life, too, was vibrant with public festivals, private clubs and fine restaurants. Technology, science, philosophy, mathematics, and engineering saw new heights, and philosophers such as Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi revitalized Confucianism into the rising philosophical doctrine of Neo-Confucianism.

The end of the Dynasty came when Kublai Khan, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty and allegedly a descendant of Genghis Khan, finally crushed Song resistance at the Battle of Yamen on the Pearl River Delta in 1279. Emperor Huaizong, the last Song Emperor, then only eight years old, committed suicide along with 800 members of the royal clan. With the fall of the Song, the Yuan Dynasty became the first dynasty ever to control all of China. 

kingsandqueensnet’s weekly series, week IV: favorite dynasties

anonymous asked:

What would be everyone's major in college? :D

Levi: Human Sciences
Erwin: History and Politics
Hanji: Biochemistry 
Mike: History (Ancient and Modern)
Armin: Classics and Modern Languages
Eren: Materials Science
Mikasa: Classics
Marco: Psychology (Experimental)
Jean: Fine Art
Sasha: Physics and Philosophy 
Connie: Earth Sciences (Geological Studies)
Ymir: Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Reiner: Engineering Science
Bertholdt: Archeology and Anthropology
Annie: Anthropological Studies
Krista: History and English

Front-End Developer is needed!

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Do you have a passion for technology and innovation? 

An agile mindset, continuous improvement, and solid software craftsmanship are built into your DNA? 

We are looking for passionate web engineers to join one of our cross-functional product development teams!


  • You craft delightful user interfaces using web technologies.
  • You collaborate with Product Owners, UX, and software engineers to deliver high-quality web applications.
  • Keep on top of emerging front-end development methods and technologies and actively share knowledge within our community of web developers.
  • You challenge the status quo and strive to get better with every iteration.

Good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, including ES6, asynchronous programming, browser compatibility, and accessibility.

Solid understanding of the web technology stackAgile methods, clean code, test driven development, continuous delivery is the base of your software engineering philosophy.

Some experience with either React, Flux, Redux, Jest, Webpack, Electron, Node.js, and/or ScssBasic knowledge of AWS.

If interested, Please send your CV to

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