Many human efforts, particularly those in the service of serious ambitions rather than just comfort and survival, get some of their energy from a sense of importance—a sense that what you are doing is not just important to you, but important in some larger sense: important, period. If we have to give this up, it may threaten to take the wind out of our sails. If life is not real, life is not earnest, and the grave is its goal, perhaps it’s ridiculous to take ourselves so seriously. On the other hand, if we can’t help taking ourselves so seriously, perhaps we just have to put up with being ridiculous. Life may be not only meaningless  but absurd.
—  What Does It All Mean?: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy  
By Thomas Nagel

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?😍❤👌✔💯
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(at Anaheim, California)

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Looking back working with @pat_lee has been one of the highlights in my life. I had the explicit joy of meeting and working with one of the best in the industry. This was one of two great photographers I had the chance to meet while I stayed I USA. Going back one day I hope to meet up with him again. Tomorrow I’ll post my work with the other great photographer and person I got to meet while I was in Miami 😎☀️🙏🏼

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life is a roller coaster
don’t sit with your hands on the bars staring at the track ahead wondering if it will hold the weight
don’t look behind you and wonder how the gears turn
throw your hands up and scream and just enjoy the ride

Lost Notes

Our proof
Is not proportional
To the amount
Of sincerity given
Or the sleep
Of imagined
That are placed
On ambitious dreams,
Which fall on fears
As a consequence
Of caring greatly,
For an effort
That’s always measured
Is the one that
Fails us most -

As a string
Of arduous chases
Which arguably
Bear no semblance
To the the frantic
And desperate miracles
That weigh down
Gods of men,
Who inspire
Our great conundrum
That contains
An uncanny semblance
Of symmetry
Revealed as poetry
And meaning
Unveiled as math

Insofar as the martyr
Is willing to die
For his gauges
And compel
That entire balance
To shift with
Lines that kill
And divide by time
That’s wasted
In getting their thoughts
To sever
And stick to
Truths expected
Though anyone
Hardly believes

Like literature
An empty vessel
Of character
Built upon

And wordplay
Salvaged as

Or reality
Lost notes

- J. Pigno

[W]onder involves the radicalisation of our relation to the past, which is transformed into that which lives and breathes in the present. […] It is through wonder that pain and anger come to life, as wonder allows us to realise that what hurts, and what causes pain, and what we feel is wrong, is not necessary, and can be unmade as well as made. Wonder energises the hope of transformation, and the will for politics.
—  Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion (180-81)

There has been “extraordinary progress for the human enterprise, especially in the past two centuries.”

The state of humanity is steadily improving:

*My friend Janine the nun* “There is not a doubt in my mind that God exists, Sharon.” *Me* “I wish I had your confidence . I really wish I did. I’d be a lot happier as a person, probably.” *Janine* “You don’t believe me, then?” *Me* “Darling, fuck if I know what is going on with basic human existence anymore.”