on an odd note. Think on this:

Science is limited by our own thoughts and opinions.

If every scientist in history believed that it couldn’t be done, where would we be?

Every rule they give you in school and math, verify it. I’m not saying redo their experiments, but take everything as a hint and the solutions as the answer.

Solve the problems that are keeping you from solving your puzzle.

With each iteration of someone solving the problems that are plaguing them in their quest for the answers, they may come up with solutions that other people have been trying to find for decades. 

Don’t wait for the science or math to get to the point to let you work on your ideas.

Make the math or machines that you need.

An old textbook I read stated “A person is only limited by their ability and ingenuity to devise the tests and the apparatus they have or can create to obtain their results.” and I think that is an amazing thing that everyone needs to hear.

Thursday, 11th February 2016

This morning I started to learn ancient Greek by myself! It’s so interesting to learn a language that uses a completely different alphabet!
I’m attending a History of Ancient Philosophy course which focuses on Heraclitus; it’s difficult to interpret and translate his work, so our professor considers really important to always analyse the original fragments. I’m determined to enjoy it the most!
Unfortunately, after lunch I started to feel quite weary because during the last two nights I haven’t slept very much (but I managed to reorganise today’s Aesthetic notes anyway).
Now I want to have an early night since tomorrow I’m having six hours of lessons in a row and I want to be in good shape.