*Tumblr TURN fan:

*Simcoe is tortured, looks like bloody rag*   “No problem”

*Andre finger fucks Philomena in public*   “That’s so cute”

*Andre pimps Philomena out to Charles Lee*   “Okay”

*Abe and Anna almost have adulterous sex on kitchen table*    “Fine by me”

*Andre makes Philomena dress up for his roleplay kink, fucks her over the dining room table and is caught by Abigail, later dumps her and brushes her off when she informs him of pregnancy*   “All righty”

*Simcoe engages in light BDSM in a direct plot point to further the development of his character, in the process showing the best male body to be seen on TURN in four years*    “ OH MY GOD HOW DARE HE HAVE SEX I WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS I CAN’T LOOK MY VIRGINAL EYES HAVE BEEN TRAUMATIZED I’M SO TRIGGERED I’LL STILL BE SUCKING MY THUMB WHEN IM SIXTY!”

Some of y’all make me shake my head….

Simcoe gif created by the-great-gay-jatsby

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