anonymous asked:

since you talk a lot about double checking your sources for information, which source do you believe is the most trusted news outlet?

facebook, tumblr, and pretty much all social media outlets are completely untrustworthy to me and i take posts i see there with much skepticism, as everything has the potential to be doctored or faked. i have cnn and fox news as bookmarked sites on my phone, but i dont view them often. they’re manly there to see the differing “official” coverage of big stories once they drop so i can gauge a better perspective of the left and right overall. 

but to answer your question, over the past few months ive come to really appreciate Philip DeFranco and his coverage of big news stories. he’s proved to be a very level headed news aggregator and i really appreciate him being critical about issues from both parties. he does a really good job at being as unbiased about his coverage as possible, i don’t feel like he has an agenda other than arming his followers with all the information that is available. getting as much information from all sides and presenting it to the audience in a vacuum for them to digest is what his youtube channel does and its really a breath of fresh air for me. 

but still, after all that, i continue to do my own research beyond content aggregators because arriving at my own judgement is very important to me. we now live in a world where you cant trust what you read, where facts have the potential to be modified with the click of a mouse at the whim of people who wish to control your lives with fear. in the end, i have no choice but to investigate the story on my own and draw my own conclusions to the best of my ability with what info i find.