The legendary Kelly family has left their mark not only on the world, but on the East Falls neighborhood where they hail from. Now, thanks to the efforts of the East Falls Historical Society (EFHS), a historical state marker will make their place in history even more visible.

Over the weekend a dedication ceremony was held at McMichael Park to commemorate the family and their many accomplishments. The marker sits at the site of the Kelly’s former family home, located at 3901 Henry Ave. and built in the late 1920s by John B. Kelly, Sr.

The family’s most notable members are highlighted on the marker, including Princess Grace of Monaco, or Grace Kelly, an Academy Award winning actress; her father, John B. Kelly, Sr., three time Olympic gold medal winner for rowing; and John B. Kelly, Jr., also known as “Kell,” who is best known for winning the 1947 Henley Regatta and an Olympic bronze medal for rowing.

The dedication ceremony, which attracted over 60 people, brought out a crowd of Kelly family fans and local residents.

Philly Jesus

Yes, Philadelphia has our very own Jesus. He can normally be found at Love Park, posing for pictures and speaking to all who will listen, though sometimes you’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of him in the subway or dragging his cross through the city. Philly Jesus is a peaceful and thoughtful man who is willing to talk to whoever comes up to him, even if it’s just for a picture. He is an icon in the center city scene and will often be found in the midsts of peaceful protests, supporting the city in every way he can. 

On your next trip to Philadelphia, try and find Philly Jesus…at least to throw him on your Snapchat story!

i hope everyone is alright up East. stay blessed!
  • 5.9 earthquake has been detected in Virginia, felt in multiple cities in the eastern U.S.
  • Terminal A at Washington’s Reagan national Airport evacuated because of gas odor following Earthquake.
  • East Coast residents should be prepared to feel aftershocks from earthquake.