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30 days, one wedding

Sherlolly rated K

Thirty days. That’s all they had, a mere thirty days. Not nearly enough time to pull off the wedding of the year. No, of the decade, the century, the millen–

“Sherlock! Stop, you’re doing it again. Just breathe, okay?”

Molly’s voice pulled him back from the edge of panic, just like always. “Molly. We only have thirty days, we’ll never make it in time…”

She grasped his arms and gave him a little shake, waiting until his eyes were fully focused on hers before saying firmly, “Sherlock Holmes. Thirty days is ample time for us to get this done. We have the venue - your parents’ backyard. We have the catering - all our friends bringing something for a lovely potluck supper. And we have all our friends coming - John and Rosie, Meena, Billy Wiggins, Greg and Sally, Phillip, Mrs. Hudson and Rajesh, Anthea…it’s all under control.”

“Officiant!” he blurted out as the panic tried to resurface. “You didn’t say officiant, did we get an officiant?”

This time she stopped the imminent panic with a lovely, warm kiss. When she pulled back, he reopened his eyes and smiled. “Mycroft,” he said as the memory resurfaced.

“Mycroft,” his fiancée agreed with a warm smile of her own. Warmer even than her strong little hands as they caressed his cheeks. “Relax, Sherlock. It’s all under control.”

His smile deepened, and he turned his head to kiss her palm. “Thanks to you, Molly Hooper. As always, you save me from falling, even if it’s just falling into panic.”

She tiptoed up, tilting his head down so she could kiss his nose. “Damn right, Sherlock Holmes.”

Thirty days. They only had thirty days…and that was far too much time to have to wait to marry the woman he loved. “Molly,” he said tentatively, “what are your feelings on elopements?”

Sherlock Holmes - Zodiacs

Aries - James Moriarty

Taurus - Dr. John Watson

Gemini - Mary Watson

Cancer - Greg Lestrade

Leo - Mycroft Holmes

Virgo - Phillip Anderson

Libra - Sergeant Sally Donovan

Scorpio - Irene Adler

Sagittarius  - Mrs. Hudson

Capricorn - Sherlock Holmes

Aquarius - Charles Augustus Magnussen

Pisces - Molly Hooper