SM fashion week!

I know, I’m super late. I’m just about to start my Fashion Week posts. Sabi ni V, your posts are way too late. Simple lang sagot ko sa kanya. Ok lang, for sure ako lang may ganitong comments! hahaha!

So again, I have to borrow from google na hiniram kay dahil hindi kami nakapagkodakan. Haha! if you guys have a full photo of our outfit pasend naman, para masight yung SM accessories ko! Bonggels sa to the tune of less than 500!

First time, jumoin ang sisteraka ko! Beside Matt is my sister Danielle.

They opened the show with Parisian shoes. Bongga na may super high heels sa Parisian at kung Jurrassic size din ang paa nyo like me, pasok kasi may size tayo!

Very Gucci! I love!

Sana pwedeng ganito lang ang outfit sa magulong panahon, swimsuit at raincoat.. plus SEE THROUGH PA!

Na try ko din tong wedges na itich! Bongga sya coz the slope is good kahit mataas. Guys, sa dami ng calyo ko memorize ko na anong masakit at hindi :)

Hello Parisian, bet ko toh! Tinago nyo ba tong color when I was there??? haha!

Now for the clothes…

For me, Sm is my go to place. I think maprove na yan ng fierces na palagi ako nakikita dun. haha!

They are really fast na with fashion trends and i love mixing and matching their pieces. Most of all affordable dahil memorize nyo na ang pagkabarat ko.

Laureen for SM! Cuteness!

For any closet, i think dapat staple yang mga tanks na medyo loose. You can wear it day to night. I have it in every color! 

WIN ANG FLOWY SKIRT! Bongga yan kung rumarampage kayo sa gimikan at gusto ng eksena. Anong sinabi nung pang photo op ang arrival nyo?

PRINTED pants! Takbo na sa SM. UUbusan ko kayo! I use this for the office! :) Kakafresh!

Eto na para sa mga gustong SENORITA ang peg! Oh d ba? Very rica rica?

Their accessories area ay parang tagpuan! I’ve seen Tessa and more friends shopping there!

The collection na silk. WIN! Lanvin levels!

They also have cute stuff you can wear to the office. Etong pants na toh dagdag 2 inches sa height dahil sa illusyon! GOW!


High waisted pants! I love na may detail din yung top.. d lang kita dito eh. haha! FAIL!

CAVALLI peg! I SUPER LOVE! And ang cute nung parang may palawit sa dulo.. Givenchy has something like that!

AYAN NA! Ang mga faves.. super short shorts!

At memorize nyo na yan, basta mala bangus outfit.. BET KO!

Lace, bangus and sheer! AKIN NA YAN! Hello SM! Hinahanap ko toh, d ko masight pa sa stores! Try ko again later!

The final dress….. RED! And RIA! Perfect match!

Camille and Patricia!

Final walk!

Lahat ng mga ready na sumugod sa SM! haha! Here I am na sinira ang shot ni Jenni! Natatawa sila Milan, sabi sakin.. ikaw lang ang baliw na magpopost ng mga photos na photobomber ka. haha!

MOND! OMG! Ang gwapo mo! Ano ulit yung commercial nya ng gatas nung bagets pa sya? I’ll make sure painumin ko pagnagkanak ako. haha!

Robbie and Laureen!

Finally, was able to bring my sister out. Her whole outfit by SM and styled by Matt and me. haha!

More pfw post soon. 

Much love,



Hi everyone! I barely posted anything this October oh god, this blog was barely breathing, all I did to compensate was to reblog stuff from back then. There can’t be enough words to describe how exhausting this month was to me!  I even got sick three times, thus maximizing my cuts for almost all my classes this sem!!!(really super exclamation!)

Fret not, here’s what I was able to compile though for the entire month. 

  • New friends friends friends c/o UP AdCore!
  • Shoot for Mel’s photography class.
  • Fambam at Batangas
  • Usher-ing for PANA-FAO’s GenAd Transcendence
  • Finally earned my first ever dslr cam!! 
  • And my doc martens stratfords already came from US after infinity!
  • Sweet treats to combat the overloaded hell month
  • Got two invites for the Ph Fashion Week, I wasn’t able to come though bec of classes. T_T

Can’t imagine how I struggled to leave this blog without any update for the entire month! I hope this compensates for all that. To my tumblr friends who noticed me being idle, I’m back na! Now I’m even more excited to do blogging bec of my new handydandy shutter. 

That’s all it for October. Let’s make a memorable November2k14! ❤ 

DIY Tutorial: Placemat Clutch Bag

One of the most overused phrases that I love repeating over and over again despite being heard everywhere is: “DREAM BIG!” You see I’ve always had this immense dream of living a luxurious life. Ambitious as it may sound, I fantasize of waking up in a 7-star sea-side hotel somewhere half-way around the world, being fetched by a Mercedes SLS all the way to the airport to ride a private jet back to my modern-contemporary-designed mansion where I keep several Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags! Okay, now snap back to reality… I have only touched a Hermes bag, and consistently drooling to own one when heyday comes. And being still en route to success, I always try to save money the best way I can and “make-do” with what’s left - even if it’s just a lowly plastic placemat!

D.I.Y. Project: Placemat Clutch Bag

Materials Used:

A Plastic Placemat [we bought for only 24 pesos (USD $0.58) at Bargain Exchange, Robinson’s] Velcro straps, Super glue, Decorative button, a Ruler you’re not going to use anymore, and something to heat up your ruler (like a Candle and a Lighter)

This is how you do it:

1.) Fold the sides of the placemat and secure with superglue:

I chose the rougher side of the placemat to be the exposed side as it looks less plasticky.

2.) Fold up the placemat 5 inches from the bottom and secure with superglue on the sides. TIP: To fold the placemat with ease, heat the edge of the ruler first and press the heated edge against the placemat. This will create a mark to guide you:

Sorry for the crappy nails, the cracked nail polish was falling off, and I haven’t redone my nails yet. It looks like an overly abstract nail art though, don’t you think?

3.) Then fold up the placemat 5 inches from the top. This will serve as the flap of the bag. You will need to heat up your ruler again for this:

4.) Once the flap is finely folded, it’s time to attach the velcro straps. These will be the lock of your bag:

5.) Then glue your decorative button at the bottom of the flap. The button will make the bag look like it has a magnetic snap lock. My personal term for this is: pseudo-lock. Hah!

♥ Congratulations! You’ve just created your own ENVELOPE CLUTCH! Let’s see what could fit in this little bag:

2 phones, a digital camera, a wallet and a cologne bottle… yet this bag still looks pretty slim!

Does this bag look familiar here in my blog? Of course! I’ve worn this bag a couple of times already!

One. To Day 6 of the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 last May:


Two. To the Dolan Batang Pinoy Superheroes and Animé 2012:

…A bag made from a 24-peso placemat! Bahaha! With a bag this cheap, I can now save lots of dough to buy a Hermes Birkin -a fake one at most. LOL! Just kiddin’. I better stick to my dream of owning original designer bags. Maybe not now, maybe in my 80’s? *dunno* Well at least I know in my heart my dreams will come true. *wink!*


Jian Lasala pt. 2 His masterful command of the fabric lent itself to some smart tailoring choices, such as layering pleated tulle over sparkly sequins to give pieces a subtle sheen. Closing the show, Jian Lasala sends his muses down the runways in floor-length metallics, ending with a megawatt silver outfit, decked to the nines that show the designer’s homage to the woman’s power and sophistication.

Giordano Joins PhFW | Philippine Fashion Week SS 2014

Giordano made its debut on Philippine Fashion Week through a sea-side-inspired fashion show at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium last October 26, 2013.

Unveiled on the runway were nautical details, summertime linens, updated chambrays, colorful basics and crisp, pastel-colored oxfords, all wrapped up in two collections, the “Holiday Cruise” and the “Linen Story.”

The summer vibe filled the atmosphere as models sport the new collections to the beats of DJ Callum David.

Staying true to its clean and casual aura, Giordano presented fresh, no-fuss wearables that are absolutely perfect for the coming warm seasons!

Welcome to Philippine Fashion Week, Giordano!

For more updates about Giordano Philippines, please visit (and like/follow) the brand’s online accounts:


Impalpable by Michael Cinco for BENCH

Michael Cinco’s works have been the talk of the town especially after the girls from America’s Next Top Model wore his gowns made out of recycled materials in one season. Needless to say, I became a fan.

His first public debut in the Philippines was the show for popular beauty brand, L'oreal. I remember wishing I could watch his show then lo and behold, a few seasons later I get to see his works come alive with my own eyes. Only this time for a branch we Filipinos all know and love, BENCH.

The show was held to launch Michael Cinco’s perfume for BENCH aptly titled, Impalpable.

Im·pal·pa·ble adj: incapable of being felt by touch; intangible. 

And that was exactly how everything on stage felt like - surreal, aloof and untouchable. The stage was crafted out of the things fairy tales are made of. A pristine white gazebo, a romantic white swing and an eerie life-size sculpture. 

The gowns looked very precious, almost fragile if you will. From big and layered to slinky and body-hugging, each one shone in the light. Not one was short of the word “beautiful”.

Fans of America’s Next Top Model (myself included) were given an extra treat, All-Stars Allison Harvard and Dominique Reighard graced the show with their presence. While Dominique was very alluring, Allison was eerily enchanting.

A group of men clad in BENCH underwear dominated the show towards the end. Then the designer himself, Michael Cinco appears and closes the show with a bang.


Designer Rajo Laurel presented his collection in the adjacent function room. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch it because it was also a special occasion for me and my boyfriend who waited for me while I watched the show. We had dinner instead. All’s well that ends well.


This year’s PH Fashion Week is by far the most enjoyable experience for me. First because I finally saw Marie Claire creative director and Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia! I’m a big fan of Project Runway and the idea of seeing her in real life honestly never crossed my mind. So I want to applaud JAG Jeans for bringing her here in Manila. The interview was wonderful! Boy Abunda manage to put everyone at ease and it is less an ‘interview’ and more like two friends just having a conversation. Nina is so grounded and passionate that is almost inspiring and refreshing. And she just came across as so humble, honest, and nice! 

The second reason is because I got approached by STATUS Magazine and a pretty redhead girl for an outfit photo. Never really thought they’ll notice me ‘cause I think I’m slightly underdressed haha. (super level up ngayon kasi last year lang nag approach sakin, this year dalawa na & STATUS pa! hahahah)

See that redhead girl? She’s the one who approached me (such a sneaky shot, i know -_- haha). She’s so pretty and effortlessly chic. Saw her sitting in the front row near Nina Garcia and it can only mean one thing, she’s a VIP! Hmm…I wonder who she is.

I’ll be one of those photographers. Soon. But probably long time from now or maybe never.

I’m going to be perfectly honest here and say it’s no easy feat to attend a fashion show, snap photos, meet the usual stylish and fashionable crowd. But still, my aunt and I had a really good time, a little tired though. We actually waited for a bit longer than we anticipated, but it was well worth it :) More PhFW blog post here!!!

All photos taken by ME.