The best thing of all the best things that doing what I do has given me, is an entire life full of amazing people with amazing hearts doing rad things for people all over the world. Charity, as you know by now, is huge in my life, and always will be, so when I have a chance to lend something as small and simple as my voice to their endeavors, I am in. Always. Now, my beautiful friends @wearetribeofdreamers will be traveling to Mozambique + Swaziland this summer, teaching female artisans the art of jewelry making. They made this necklace to help raise seed funds for the trip and all the materials they will need while down there, and 100% of all proceeds of this piece will support these female artisans in starting their first seed fund used to buy their tools + materials. They, and me alike, hope that together we will plant opportunity that will change their lives and give them the power to change others in exchange. A crazy domino effect of love and support that doesn’t have to stop.

Head over to @wearetribeofdreamers and check it out, shop, share. It’s such an easy thing to lend a hand. Thank you, all of you, for always being so willing to hear about so many causes that mean so many things to me.


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For anyone who is facing a mountain of debt after they graduate check out this amazing idea:

“SponsorChange has created a mutually-beneficial initiative that provides people power for high-impact non-profits in need, while simultaneously helping to relieve students of their ever-impending debt.”

check out this link for more info —>

These children showed Jay- z the six miles they have to walk to get drinkable water for their families, he spent millions of dollars to build a pipeline and well right in their own village ,which supplies 3 different villages til this day and this was 11 years ago. But the media only chooses to view him as an ex- drug dealer


A huge thank you to Robert Downey Jr. for getting involved and helping raise awareness for the great work #CollectiveProject student Albert Manero and his Limbitless team are doing for #BionicKids.

“Capitalism is about freedom for everyone, especially when it comes to the freedom to live off of other people’s labor and get obscenely wealthy in the process.”

“If you don’t like the way a business treats its employees, shop somewhere else; ethical consumerism will shift attention away from those who treat their workers like shit and onto the individual consumer.”

“The right to voluntarily enter into binding contracts should never be abridged, especially when those contracts carry implicit power and class imbalances with them.”

“Corporations participate in philanthropy every now and then, thus alleviating the structural theft they participate in every day.”

“Poor people just need to find jobs and prove that they can be profitable to me, all so they can demonstrate that they deserve to gain access to the life necessities I have so much of that I could wipe my ass with them.”


Donating Differently is a philanthropy project for photographers and creatives alike.  The aim is to tie two seemingly unrelated things, charity and photography, into one and bring exclusive prints to you. Photographers will submit their work and sponsor a charity, where 100% of the proceeds will go to.  These prints will be released in an extremely limited number, and you can own them!

Check this project out at And follow them on social media at:

nahdiandthecity: My #TBT is dedicated to #Beyonce and her philanthropic efforts. About 5 years ago I was asked to cater at the Schomberg for GEMS Foundation and the cost was being covered by a “secret” celebrity. The only info that I was given was that the celebrity was from Texas. I was clueless. My husband even said to me maybe its Beyonce. I was like nah, couldnt be. Night of event, in walks Beyonce with a white tshirt, black jeans, and some heels looking casually fabulous! No press, just Miss Tina and her assistant by her side. GEMS foundation helps support girls that have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking and I was honored to cook for them. It was awesome to see Beyonce making a difference!! She was sooo sweet. That night I became a BeylieVer! Lol

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If you’re like me your phone is a huge distraction. However, I think I may have found a solution for us. UNICEF is doing the most amazing thing called the UNICEF Tap Project. For every 5 minutes you go without using your phone they donate clean water to a child for a day! Please please use this website. You could make a huge difference in a kid’s life for doing literally nothing.

tl;dr donate water to kids in need for free


Cookies for Heroes! Who should I send cookies to? Let me know using #hartcookies 

“In reality the workers are the true philanthropists. It is us who create the wealth that funds the billionaire’s generosity. The truth is they are the ones that live on charity – our charity.

Next time you hear someone, who has wealth greater than some countries, say that they want to give something back ask, “Why not give it all back?” The world wouldn’t need to be saved by the rich if the world’s resources were owned and distributed in a different way, and available to all.”

Taken from The slow burning fuse