so anyone remember the show phil of the future? it crossed my mind and i was like hmm i wonder what raviv ullman is up to in 2016, so naturally, googled that

and this interesting picture here came up, it’s older, from the phil diffy days

so im looking at this and realizing, her hand is on his stomach, other hand holding his arm sort of trying to pin it behind his back, both of his hands are wrapped around her hand on his stomach, a huge grin on his face, a smirk on hers, you get where im going with this

so gets me curious, is raviv ullman ticklish? is that a thing? again, google is my friend, i find his twitter and this tweet

so this is all i have been able to find so far, but he definitely seems the type, early 2000s disney nostalgia has got me man, will update if more is found


Phil of The Future - Protecting Me