Steve Rogers is assumed to be dead. He IS dead. Off the charts. His friends, as well as much of the country, is mourning his loss.

He opens his eyes, recalling briefly the searing pain he experienced right before the blackness engulfed him.

Staring down at him is the face of Phil Coulson, as well as a smiling female scientist and a curly haired guy holding a tablet.

“Welcome back, Mr. Rogers.” Coulson says.

Steve blinks a few times. “Sir, you’re supposed to be dead…”

Coulson smiles. “All due respect, Captain, but so are you.”

Steve smiles. “And now that I’m NOT dead, where am I, exactly?”

Coulson glances at the two scientists. The girl glares at him, and the guy snorts, apparently knowing what he’s about to say.

“You’re at a top secret SHIELD compound.” Coulson says, then adds, “It’s a magical place.”