Phil Coulson & Melinda May

“… She’s always been there, when Phil’s needed her the most, and she remains his driving force…”

Philinda Fanfic: Three Christmas Ghosts, Chapter 8


SPOILER: Everything up to 4x07.  In case you don’t know the story of “A Christmas Carol” this fanfic contains spoilers for that Dickens’ classic too! ;)

SUMMARY: With Phil and Fitz safely back at the base, Melinda thinks things are finally back to normal, but then she has to deal with three very specific Christmas ghosts.

NOTES: My Philinda Advend Calendar 2016! See Chapter 1 for more info. :)

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Chapter 8:
In which Melinda opens a trunk of a car.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! It's your secret santa reporting for duty again! I hope you're doing well. How did you like yesterdays ep?? Any thoughts? I personally loved it, I'm really looking forward for how it unravels. But I'm really hoping philinda relationship doesn't start with phil kissing or declaring love to the maybot.

Hi! I’m happy to hear from you again <3 Hope you’re doing fine too :)

I loved it! (Despite what it may look like from my recent posts, I did actually enjoy it a lot) 

Whenever May gets some focus on the show, I’m glued to the screen, and I was really caught by surprise at the end of the episode. (Even though I knew they would somehow get seperated because Phil said they would open the Haig, and this is AoS. It’s never that easy for them)

I’m a bit nervous for that. I stopped watching Fringe after (SPOILER ALERT) Olivia was replaced by the other Oliva and the angstiness that followed regarding her return

I have faith that AIDA’s intentions are good, and that May will be back soon. Even if we’ll get some Philinda angst the next few episodes, I think (hope) we’ll get some happy Philinda (with real May) soon. 

That being said, I hope it’s Phil who finds out that Maybot is not May (although he might be blinded by love) because that will save us from a lot of angst later on regarding May and Philinda. 


a magical place indeed