crazymaryt prompted: Melinda telling Phil all about Andrew

[set in canon, several years pre-Bahrain etc.]

“He’s a psychologist,” Melinda announced, grinning coyly over her mug of steaming tea, eyes bright and excited.

Phil smiled, placing his coffee cup onto the table and watching happily as his friend divulged her news. He’d known something had changed recently, her usually bubbly personality only seeming more enhanced; several times following their previous few missions she’d disappeared out to meet some unknown person, and he’d had a feeling it might have been along these lines.

“His name is Andrew, he works alongside SHIELD, with gifteds?”

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The Engagement, Chapter 7


SUMMARY: To save Melinda May from being deported to Canada, Phil Coulson proposes. Things get complicated when Melinda’s ex fiancé Thomas Wen, an U.S. immigration agent starts snooping around.


Chapter 1


Thank you so very much for all your comments and support! It means a lot to me. :) I hope you like this!

Chapter 7
in which there’s dancing.

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I just read the article on my way to work. Oh god,please.

Since I watched the latest episode,I felt heavy in my heart,and  worry about what’s going to happen next.

I hope nobody will get hurt BADLY,nobody will be dead,The worst thing I could think of is Coulson and his team leave the ‘Real Shield’ in the finale.However, in the begining of Season 3,we can see they are in their own ‘normal’ life(espeacially Coulson and May’s daily married life),act like average people.One day a black SUV stop by,May is in driver’s seat,and Coulson talk to them from the passenger seat,”Let’s save the world kids agents!”

Agents of SHIELD EP, Jeffrey Bell, has provided some information on the Civil War tie-in which we will see next season. Apparently, we may see some ties between the Gifted Index as seen on the show and the SHRA (Superhuman Registration Act), as well as the conflict between the two SHIELD factions coming into play.

Interesting stuff, and who knows, it may bring characters like Skye into the larger MCU…

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)