catching up

Summary: You’re on Coulson’s team and is dating Steve. Naturally, he’s curious.

Word Count: 1991

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: For everyone who doesn’t watch of Agents of SHIELD - all you need to know is that Coulson is alive and has a team, one of the members being a woman named May.

The mission was clear and simple and yet somehow, everything that could go wrong did, leading to you and Coulson being cut off from the rest of the team with no idea where they were. New York bustled with people and it was too easy to blend in, but that meant anyone around you could be your enemy and you kept your guard up, scanning faces behind your sunglasses.

“We need to lay low,” he said, nonchalantly putting his hands in his pockets, having discarded his suit for more casual clothing. “Our devices are compromised and together we have about four hundred dollars in cash. We should be fine until the others can locate us. There’s a inn down 107th, we can share a room to save money-“

“I know a place we can go,” you said and he raised an eyebrow. “A safe house, sort of.”

“You have a safe house in New York?” He asked but was right behind you as you took a turn, the route embedded into your memory.

“I said ‘sort of,’ didn’t I?” Coulson frowned. “He won’t mind if I have a friend over.”

“We need to be careful of who we trust,” he stressed under his breath. “Are you sure we can trust him? Who’s ‘him,’ anyway?”

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Pranking headcanons
  • Fitz and Jemma used to prank each other every so often. 
  • They liked to do scare-inducing pranks. 
  • The more creative Fitz got, the less they worked on Jemma. Instead, simple things managed to scare her. 
  • Fitz tries to act like nothing gets him but even sometimes the simplest things do.
  • Fitz would try to get Skye to find out what Jemma’s next prank was going to be but it never worked.
  • Once they had a heated prank war and it ended really messy… so they decided that they’re better combined together and don’t prank each other anymore, instead everyone else falls victim.
  • Skye scares easily, it doesn’t take much.
  • Fitz especially likes pranking Skye after he’s forced her to watch yet another horror movie (Skye has now seen all the Paranormal Activity movies because he’s promised her every time that the newest one isn’t as “scary” as the last)
  • They tried to scare May once, but it ended with Fitz knocked out, (poor thing) so that was the end of that. 
  • Pranking Coulson is best when they make him frustrated instead of scared. They have to hold in their laughs as he continuously yells “Damn it!” in response to the TV changing channels at the best moments. 

    these are what I can think of atm, but if any of you can think of more, feel free to add them lol

every shield dynamic ☼ leo fitz & phil coulson.

           “First of all, I want you to know that I see your progress.
        You’re an important part of this team and I don’t want you to forget that.

            “You have shown so much heart never giving up on Simmons and I will
                    always, always respect you for it. But look around; we need you. We need
                            that big brain of yours and that heart here.”