Since I’m becoming tumblr-famous(I’m at 6 PEOPLE w00t) I’m going to start promoting stuff I like that I’ve not found on tumblr(yet). 



If you like Game of Thrones, you will like this.  Sizzling politics, incomprehensible religion(at first), alternate history based on some real world stuff.  A heroine whose only “powers” are a divinely inspired tolerance for pain, and her own intellect. 

It features a religion where the worst heresy you can commit is rape.  A non-patriarchal culture that is falling into sexist traps.  Prostitution is a sacred calling. 

It does somewhat poorly in the POC representation in the first book, but it takes place is Western Europe circa 800 CE.  But, England was never conquered by the Romans, so it still maintains its original Pict population.

This is improved upon in later books, as the characters travel further into the world.  The characters are well rounded, and believable.  It has amazing sex, but it is heavy in the BDSM(that’s where that divine pain thing comes in), so if that’s not for you, I’d pass. 

This is the first in a NINE book series, 3 separate trilogies that span 200 years, with three separate protagonists, each having to deal with the consequences of the last. 

“My lord…you would set some, dried-up old stick of a Cassiline Brother to trail after me?” Between outrage and astonishment, I nearly stammered it. “On an assignation? You would set a crochety, sixty-year-old celibate to ward a Servant of Naamah…an anguisette, no less? Name of Elua, I’d rather you brought back Miqueth!”

After I read how Phèdre and Joscelin met and their rocky relationship further into the story, I had two theories about what would happen.

1. Phèdre and Joscelin would fall for each other
2. Joscelin and Alcuin would end up with each other.

Oh man… Around halfway through the book, I couldn’t help but squeal (:
(Don’t want to spoil what happened!) 

my favourite cousin got me reading the Kushiel’s Legacy books recently, so here’s a quick doodle of Phédre. WOW what a great heroine. more forthcoming probably.

also I AM ANNOYED THAT I ONLY JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT alphabooks now that it’s over! so I am going to do the challenge anyway because fack it I do what I want. I needed more books-related fanart on my tumblr anyway, my first great loveee ♥

“I gave you reason,” He said dryly. “Phedre, I fell in love with you with both eyes wide open, and fighting against it every step of the way. When you told me you were returning to Naamah’s Service, I thought I had bent as far as I could without breaking. When you began spending so much with Severe, I was sure of it. And when you disappeared, I realized that I hadn’t even  begun to fathom what I could endure.” Glancing down at the silver khai pendant that rested still on his chest, he took it in his free hand and gave a short, sharp jerk, snapping the thin chain. “The Yeshuites will have to wait a while longer for Cassiel the Apostate to bow his head before the Mashiach’s throne,” he said holding the bright object in his palm. “Elua’s priest spoke truly; I choose the path of the Companion.”

I folded his fingers over the pendant and leaned over to kiss his hand. “Keep it. You’ve done what you could for them. You’ve given them means to survive.”

“If I can keep them alive long enough.” He brushed my hair with his fingertips, saying my name with wonder. “I thought I had lost you, truly.”

                                                             – Kushiel’s Chosen

“If you ask me, nothing human could cross that sodding bridge without being seen.”

“Pascal saw it,” the other said shortly. “It ran off before it finished him, and he was still alive when Gitto found him. He did trying to say what he saw. It didn’t come over the bridge, it crawled under it.”

“Yar, like a giant sodding spider!” the first retorted. “I tell you, whatever we’re looking for, it’s not human. No man could do that.”

As I crouched in the dark, scarce daring to breathe while they moved out of range, I tried to imagine it - crawling beneath that deadly bridge, clinging to the underside, fingers and toes wedged between the knot-joined planks, moving one torturous plank at a time, suspended upside down in the howling winds, above the raging cauldron of sea and rocks … who would even dream of attempting such a thing?

I knew only one.


                                                                -Kushiel’s Chosen

Anguissette – A mix for Phedre no Delaunay {listen}

“Such a small thing on which to hinge such a fate. Nothing more than a mote, a fleck, a mere speck of color.”

–Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart

i. Apocalyptica; Beautiful ii. George Fenton; The Earth’s Highest Challenge iii. Trevor Morris; Saving Josh iv. Harry Gregson-Williams; Burning the Past v. Howard Shore, Billy Boyd; The Sacrifice of Faramir/The Edge of the Night vi. Thomas Bergersen; Merchant Prince vii. Danny Elfman; The Story viii. Thomas Bergersen; Soulseeker ix. Hedningarna; Räven (Fox Woman) x. Rammstein; Amour xi. Trevor Morris; An Historic Love