Chibi charas from Kushiel’s Legacy!

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honestly, I know that it’s more angsty than this but for book 2 of Kushiel’s Legacy I’m just picturing that the Yeshuites and Josceline’s conversation is pretty much “She needs me” and “she’s a servant of Namaah and a Comtesse surely you jest at how much trouble she gets into she’s one of the most watched and protected people in the country. We need you more.” And Josceline being like “yeah you see I hear you but I’m like 90% sure you’re Wrong” and as the book progresses he just gets more and more convinced that Phedre’s just chasing at ghosts and there’s nothing there—and he’s just wasting his time when the Yeshuites need him way more

and finally he’s like you know what, the Yeshuites are right, you really don’t need me and the shit you got into last year was all chance and Melissande was just the one getting you into trouble and you’ll be absolutely fine without me so I can leave

literally the dAY hE leAvEs Ti-Philippe: Phedre’s been captured and is going to prison I almost died wHERE WERE YOU




Joscelin: screw internal screaming EXTERNAL screaming I WAS WRONG I FUCKED UP I FUCKED UP PHEDRE I’M SORRY

Anguissette – A mix for Phedre no Delaunay {listen}

“Such a small thing on which to hinge such a fate. Nothing more than a mote, a fleck, a mere speck of color.”

–Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart

i. Apocalyptica; Beautiful ii. George Fenton; The Earth’s Highest Challenge iii. Trevor Morris; Saving Josh iv. Harry Gregson-Williams; Burning the Past v. Howard Shore, Billy Boyd; The Sacrifice of Faramir/The Edge of the Night vi. Thomas Bergersen; Merchant Prince vii. Danny Elfman; The Story viii. Thomas Bergersen; Soulseeker ix. Hedningarna; Räven (Fox Woman) x. Rammstein; Amour xi. Trevor Morris; An Historic Love 

Events from Kushiel’s Legacy - Growing up at Cereus House (Kushiel’s Dart)

The spray of anemones with which Brother Louvel had gifted me had slipped into disarray, and I drew out the pin to fix them. It was a long, sharp pin, exceedingly shiny, with a round head of mother-of-pearl. I sat by the fountain and admired it, anemones forgotten. I thought of Brother Louvel and his beauty, and how I would give myself to him once I was a woman proper. I thought of Blessed Elua and his long wandering, his startling answer to the arch-herald of the One God. The blood he shed might—who knows?—run in my very own veins, I thought; and resolved to see. I turned my left hand palm-upward and took the pin in a firm grip in my right, pushing it into my flesh.

Since I’m becoming tumblr-famous(I’m at 6 PEOPLE w00t) I’m going to start promoting stuff I like that I’ve not found on tumblr(yet). 



If you like Game of Thrones, you will like this.  Sizzling politics, incomprehensible religion(at first), alternate history based on some real world stuff.  A heroine whose only “powers” are a divinely inspired tolerance for pain, and her own intellect. 

It features a religion where the worst heresy you can commit is rape.  A non-patriarchal culture that is falling into sexist traps.  Prostitution is a sacred calling. 

It does somewhat poorly in the POC representation in the first book, but it takes place is Western Europe circa 800 CE.  But, England was never conquered by the Romans, so it still maintains its original Pict population.

This is improved upon in later books, as the characters travel further into the world.  The characters are well rounded, and believable.  It has amazing sex, but it is heavy in the BDSM(that’s where that divine pain thing comes in), so if that’s not for you, I’d pass. 

This is the first in a NINE book series, 3 separate trilogies that span 200 years, with three separate protagonists, each having to deal with the consequences of the last.