First pheasant! HELL YEAH!! Feather is officially on the menu :)

I had a ton of fun hawking in Arizona this week where Kai took doubles two days in a row, but I decided to stop by Bakersfield on my way home for one last travel flight. It was a great choice! I didn’t expect to find pheasants, but I saw a few of them creeping ahead of us, pinned the spot where they made in, and managed to flush one out about 15 feet away. Kai reacted perfectly and connected about 30 feet up in the air. So cool! This is the first feathered quarry he’s taken besides a sparrow so I’m on cloud 9 tonight! Proud of my boy <3 


Yet another stunning documentary work from David Attenborough and the BBC nature team, The Hunt is more than just amazing cinematography of predators across the globe; the narration emphasizes how predation as a lifestyle fits into the evolution of our animal world, and on how local ecology shapes all hunters.

Even better: The Hunt is airing in the United States this summer! Find out where to watch it here.

(yes, I fully intend to bring you GIFs from all the incredible bird scenes. Naturally.)

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While most serious upland hunters wouldn’t think of leaving their dogs at home, sometimes opportunities to hunt good land (or between big trips) are lost.  Plenty of other hunters may want to tackle upland birds but don’t have dogs, but that’s no reason to stay home.

Hints for Dog-Free Hunting on Filson Life: